Saturday, July 9, 2011

Zipper x Eyemazing lash collection!

Seems like Eyemazing just keeps churning out new lashes! First it was the Mizukitty Sweet Ribbon Series, and the Fujimoto Miki Ciffone Line, and now it's the Eyemazing x Zipper collaboration line!

Zipper models team up with Eyemazing to produce 10 types of lashes. As with all other Eyemazing lashes, these retail in packs of 3 pairs, at 1,260yen per pack.

If you didn't know, Zipper is a fashion magazine, and it's also where the Paradise Kiss manga was first published in! Anyway, a lot of the lashes in this collection are COLORED!! The designs are average; unique enough but they don't really stand out. Buuuuut, because they're colored, they sure are worth checking out~! I'd really like to try some of these!

Eyemazing 801 - AMO x Pastel type A
Description: Gorgeous yet cute princess eye!
Info: produced by Zipper model AMO.
Comments: These are pink-brown! I've been waiting for colored lashes to come out since forever!

Eyemazing 802 - AMO x Pastel type B
Description: Pink-brown color gives an airy feel and sweet droopy eyes!
Info: produced by Zipper model AMO
Comments: These are pink-brown too!

Eyemazing 803 - AYAMO x Rock type A
Description: Strong cat's eye!
Info: produced by Zipper model AYAMO
Comments: These are blue-black!

Eyemazing 804 - AYAMO x Rock type B
Description: Harajuku-style eye!
Info: produced by Zipper model AYAMO
Comments: These are blue-black too! But they look similar to the type A design, just different lengths/bunching intervals? :/

Eyemazing 805 - SETO x Kids Rock
Description: Give a cute impact with your eyes!
Info: produced by Zipper model Seto (瀬戸あゆみ)
Comments: Love the style of these, the bunching and separation remind me of EyeLabo's Sexy Doll 002 which I totally looove!

Eyemazing 806 - UNA x 80s Disco
Description: Sexy and natural!
Info: produced by Zipper model UNA
Comments: I think these look really pretty and natural on the model!

Eyemazing 807 - Midori x Freh Cats
Description: Gentle honey brown lashes!
Info: produced by Zipper model Midori (新井みどり)
Comments: These are honey brown! Love the color, I need to get this!!

Eyemazing 808 - Fumiko x Culture Girl
Description: Whether near or faraway, they're super natural!
Info: produced by Zipper model Fumiko (青柳文子)

Eyemazing 809 - SHITAMA type A (lower lash)
Description: Lash collaboration between Zipper and Harajuku fashion!

Eyemazing 810 - SHITAMA type B (lower lash)
Description: There-but-not-there brown lower lashes!
Comments: These are brown! I want to get these too!

The Eyemazing x Zipper lashes are now available at selected SBY, Donki, Spinns and Pink Latte stores~


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  2. amazing colour there!!!! I love the one in pink brown! If this is a success, I can see where the eyelash trend is going! These days I have been preferring brown mascara over black ones cause they are less harsh :)

  3. @RiA Koakuma
    Ahhh I'm so glad they're having this collaboration with Zipper~ Lots of fresh designs!

    @ Pearlin ♥
    Nowadays I like using brown eyeliner over black, been waiting for lighter-colored lashes co bome out~ If people color their eyebrows to match their hair color, then shouldn't lash color match too! :D

    ♥ Karisa

  4. I like the 803 to 806 the best and blue black is pretty

  5. @Malice ♥
    I think my fave's have got to be 801, 804, 807 and 810. Loving all the different colors~ ♥

    ♥ Karisa