Saturday, May 14, 2011

EyeLabo and Luminous Change

Can you tell that I've currently been obsessed with false lashes? For the past few days, I have been heavily looking up lashes of all sorts, in preparation for my short trip to Tokyo *happy*

While looking through the latest editions of Egg and Edge Style, I "discovered" two new brands of lashes, Eyelash Laboratory (EyeLabo) and Luminous Change. Since there were ads for them in the magazines, I'd assume that they're fairly new or recently released. EyeLabo seems quite promising!

But first off, Luminous Change. This is produced by Itabashi Rumi (板橋瑠美). She used to be a model for Egg, but now models for Edge Style. (Somehow I think the brand name is a pun on her name Rumi: Rumi-nous Change heehee, as they don't differentiate the "L" and "R" in Japanese^^)
I have yet to see these in person, but looking at the pictures, they seem a tad mehh for me due the the lack of clear lash bands for some and common designs. Nowadays, one of the prerequisites for me to buy a lash is that it has to have a clear lash band *sheepish face* Anyway, there are 9 variations, and they retail for 1,155yen for 5 pairs. They're slightly more expensive than Diamond Lash, but the styles do not seem very unique, so yeah, reconsidering these! The packaging is nice though!

**edit** I've done a more in-depth introduction with descriptions of each type HERE~

Next, a brand called "Eyelash Laboratory" (EyeLabo). They kind of remind me Diamond Lash! For a relatively new brand they already have a whopping 24 different styles! Some seem unique/different, some seem blah/common, but out of the 24 there must be at least a couple that're worth trying out right?

They're designed/modelled by a trio of Popteen models: Shiine Hikari, Kawanishi Miki and Akiyama Miku. They retail for 1,050yen for 5 pairs, as economical as Diamond Lash. The 24 lashes are divided into 5 series: Cute Princess, Natural Angel, Sweet Fairy, Sexy Doll and Rich Venus.

CUTE PRINCESS (キュートプリンセス)
Cute Princess is the largest line, with 9 different types: 4 upper lashes, 3 lower lashes and 2 partial lower lashes. The style for this line is girly/princessy; the lashes are mostly of the spiked variety.
キュートプリンセス 001
Cute Princess 001, upper lash
I don't know why, but I'm always drawn to lashes with spikes like these~

キュートプリンセス 002
Cute Princess 002, upper lash
This seems to be a fairly common design;
Diamond Lash Beauty Eye, Dolly Wink #1, Toujours 003, Preciosa BK-316, etc.
But guess a lot of people like this kind of design, so they made it.

キュートプリンセス 003
Cute Princess 003, upper lash
This looks similar to 002, except that it has thicker inner bunches.
Compared to Diamond Lash, in the picture these look lighter/more feathery?
Not as thick/dense/shiny as Beauty Eye, giving a "softer" look.
It also looks to be shorter in terms of length of lash band.

キュートプリンセス 004
Cute Princess 004, upper lash
Four blings on each lash, but the lashes themselves aren't spectacular.

キュートプリンセス 005
Cute Princess 005, lower lash
These look cute, and I'd get them for the bling too ^^

キュートプリンセス 006
Cute Princess 006, lower lash
These look like 005 without the bling^^
Might as well get the one with the bling, and if you don't want the bling, pluck it off?
They cost the same anyway!

キュートプリンセス 007
Cute Princess 007, lower lash
Looks like a shorter version of Dolly Wink No. 5 Real Nude.
Could be an economical alternative?

キュートプリンセス 008
Cute Princess 008, partial lash for bottom
Looks like the inner corners of Dolly Wink #1 which I cut and use as lower lashes^^
Not very worth it I think.

キュートプリンセス 009
Cute Princess 009, partial lash for bottom
Looks like 008 without the outer-most clump. Even more un-economical!

I sort of feel that 008 and 009 are ripoffs, a box of a few strands going for the same price as a box of whole strips of lashes? And I can make these by cutting the inner corners of Dolly Wink No.1 or something similar...

NATURAL ANGEL (ナチュラルエンジェル)
This line consists of more "natural" looking types of lashes. There are 3 variations - 2 upper and 1 lower. The lashes in this line look to be of thinner strands, lesser spaces between strands but not extremely dense, and no "spikes" unlike the Cute Princess line.
ナチュラルエンジェル 001
Natural Angel 001, upper lash
The lack of spikes and thin-ness of the strands make them look weird to me!
Not my style I guess.

ナチュラルエンジェル 002
Natural Angel 002, upper lash
Same comment at 001, to thin, not my type^^

ナチュラルエンジェル 003
Natural Angel 003, lower lash
I love lower lashes like these! And since these are 5 in a box, I might get a few ^^
The upper lashes look pretty too! (Sexy Doll 002)

SWEET FAIRY (スートフェアリー)
This line consists of 5 types of lashes. The "look" I think, is supposed to be somewhat natural but with a bit more volume, as compared to the Natural Angel line.
スートフェアリー 001
Sweet Fairy 001, upper lash
A fusion lash, but the transition seems kind of sudden?

スートフェアリー 002
Sweet Fairy 002, upper lash
I like the look of this, might try it out~
Looks natural (not very dense/voluminous) but long and thick enough for me

スートフェアリー 003
Sweet Fairy 003, upper lash
Another upper lash, a bit reminiscent of Diamond Lash Girly Eye but less dense?
It looks shorter than most lashes, but seems quite natural~ Seems wearable to work.

スートフェアリー 004
Sweet Fairy 004, partial lash for top
Something different?

スートフェアリー 005
Sweet Fairy 005, partial lash for bottom
These look very thin^^ Can hardly see them in the picture...

SEXY DOLL (セクシードール)
This line has 5 types - 2 upper, and 3 lower. 004 and 005 are pre-cut, ie not one whole strip, which makes it convenient for me, saving me the trouble of cutting it up on my own^^
セクシードール 001
Sexy Doll 001, upper lash
Fusion lash with spikey inner ends and dense outer ends.

セクシードール 002
Sexy Doll 002, upper lash
These are the upper lashes used in the Natural Angel 003 picture earlier.
Not spikes, but the space between the bunches make them look nice IMO.
I really think they look pretty~ I'm going to hunt for these!

セクシードール 003
Sexy Doll 003, lower lash
The gaps between the bunches seem odd to me^^
Each clump and space is the same width, a tad unnatural?
Or maybe they just seem too long for the model's eye?

セクシードール 004
Sexy Doll 004, lower lash, pre-cut

セクシードール 005
Sexy Doll 005, lower lash, pre-cut
How the width of each bunch seems the same kind of makes it look odd?

Rich Venus (リッチヴィーナス)
This line consists of 2 types, both super dense with thick strands and non-clear lash bands. These seem really dramatic, not my thing^^
リッチヴィーナス 001
Rich Venus 001, upper lash

リッチヴィーナス 002
Rich Venus 002, upper lash
These look super thick, and somewhat similar to some Model 21 lashes I have?
Model 21 is really cheap and comes with 10 pairs so I guess that'd be more economical.

Overall, EyeLabo's lashes seem rather promising, I'll be sure to check them out and get a few! Currently I can't say anything about the quality or material of the lashes, as I've yet to try them. On my current to-try list are Natural Angel 003, Sexy Doll 002, Cute Princess 005, Sweet Fairy 003 and Sweet Fairy 002 There are sooo many types~ In Japan, currently they're being sold in Donki, the Popteen online store and online on the EyeLabo website.


  1. Wooo exciting, new brands to try out!
    They seem promising! \(^_____^)/
    I like the lenses the model uses in Sweet Fairy 1,2,4,5 (^__~)

  2. Looks good! *excitedly jumps up and down* Hope to get these in my area someday! Could you do a review of the ones you've got??

  3. @ MizzPeace

    Yepp I will~ Might take a while though as I rotate lashes but like to stick to the same one for a couple of days before changing^^ I've shown an EOTD pic with EyeLabo's Sexy Doll 002 and Natural Angel 003 in this post (: (somewhere in the middle!)

    ♥ Karisa