Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Power of False Lashes

You oft hear of people getting captivated by the eyes, mesmerized by the eyes, dazzled, hypnotized etc. The power of the eyes is not something to be taken lightly! What do you think is something every gyaru must have? Karakon? (colored contacts) The hair? Fancy nails? Big eyes? Contoured nose? ...the answer is tsukema, false lashes!

Yunkoro, see the difference between the before and after? Look at the left. She may have light beige hair, even the contacts, blush, nude lips, contoured nose...but yet something's missing. She puts on a pair of Jewerich and voila, lo and behold, see the great difference a pair of lashes can make towards the look?

False lashes are something gyarus can't be without; just look at all the magazines, gyarus on the street, TV programs, everyone agrees that tsukema (つけま, false lashes) are a must have~ Even if you don't like doing the bottom lashes, you must at least have the top lashes.

A picture of Hikari from an older issue of Popteen.

Closeup on her eyes, see the difference?

So I just wanna share with ya'll and let ya'll see just how great a difference false lashes can make to your eyes The following pictures were all from various issues of Popteen, PopSister, Egg and Edge Style. I used a camera to photograph the pages, so they're definitely not scan quality^^ Hopefully they're clear enough though! You can click to enlarge~

Aoki Eri from an issue of PopSister. (She looks like she has really good skin!)

Ignoring the brows and rest of the face, this is closing up on the eyes.
Again, see the difference the lashes make?

Sure, to increase their 目力 (eye power) lots of gyaru wear colored contacts, which "enlarge" the eyes, but without the lashes, it might just look alien-ish (especially all black/dark ones). Eyeliner? It sure defines the eyes, but with it alone you'll still think that something's missing. Double eyelid tape/glue? It does make the eyes bigger, but something will still be lacking.

You don't even need eyeliner or heavy eye makeup, just falsies will really give power you your eyes~ (: (Rumi from Edge Style) I think her eye/lashes she uses look reeeeally pretty here (:

But even if you add eyeliner, just eyeliner alone isn't enough, lashes really do open up and enlarge your eyes~ (Mariko from Edge Style) Even with not very obvious or "enlarging" contacts, the lashes make a difference to the eyes, no?

Really, doesn't it seem that false lashes make the eyes look bigger~

Even Popteen's princess Kumikki's eye power is somewhat lacking without the lashes.
Add some and voila! Behold, the difference~

Lashes with tightlined eyeliner. (Ami from PopSister)

No matter how big your karakons are, without false lashes something's still missing, no? Even with the double eyelid tape/glue, without false lashes something's just not right, no~? (Popteen)

The lashes don't even have to be super volumizing to make a difference, just compare the first and second pics, even more "natural" lashes add power~

Egg magazine had a sagi (con/cheat) contest, and pictured winners. It's actually a whole face thing, but I don't see that much of a difference in their skin texture^^ I just wanted to highlight the main difference, which I perceive to be the eyes~ (This girl won 2nd place)

Even with the hair, in the before picture this girl didn't look very gyaru^^ (7th place)

Neither did this girl. But just making up the eyes alone really changes that~ (4th place)

Mizukitty from Popteen.
See the difference between the before and after eyes?

Mmm, so there you have it, false lashes are an amazing tool~ The main point of this was to show just what a difference false lashes can make! Especially for the gyaru look. I guess some people just aren't into them, but I really love false lashes, it's something I really must have (: If I'm running late or have no time for makeup, I'd at least need to stick on some lashes. Never mind the eyeliner or even foundation (sunblock is essential though!)

I do think false lashes are waaayy better than mascara, which looks spidery when they clump together. And mascara can't give the volume, length, thickness, density and curl that false lashes can. And whatever little they give is not enough for my short, sparse, stumpy Asian lashes^^ So ever since I started using false lashes I've never bought mascara again^^

No matter how many times it's been, I'm always very amazed when I see before and after pictures of false lashes! I know for lots of the pictures above they feature the whole face, but try to ignore the rest and just focus on the eyes, I really do think the greatest difference lies there!


  1. Wow, never really thought about it, but after seeing the pictures, fake eyelashes really DO make a HUGE difference!

    Big eyes with the contacts but without fake lashes do look buggish :S Lower lashes make a great difference, but other than the Japanese most people don't seem to be fond of using them? So hard to get my hands on decent-looking, non-over-the-top ones.

  2. OMFG!! Such a GIGANTIC difference fake lashes make!! *speechless* This is really amazing! Especially some of the "contest" ones and the Mizukitty one. Now I feel sooo much better about myself LOL

  3. @ Rinka ♥

    I guess in most other places, the common public generally deems falsies as "scary", they aren't as accepting, they'll stare at you like you're some weirdo :(

    Where I live, I see lots of people wearing circle lenses, but they don't use falsies at all. It does look creepy to me :/ But the public "accepts" it. Falsies? They don't "accept" :(

    Try Dolly Wink No.5, it's pretty natural, and a lot of places should sell it online (: The Liz Lisa lower lashes are pretty decent too~ ♥ But harder to get^^

    ♥ Karisa

  4. @ ~`*Delii`~* ♥

    Hahahah, I know right! I never really thought the difference was that huge, but I guess you don't notice cos it's not often you get to see the "before" pictures.

    That's why I love lashes~ ♥ They really open up your eyes :D Especially since my own are so short, straight and sparse! >___<

    ♥ Karisa