Friday, July 1, 2011

Yumetenbo 夢展望 Guide ♥

As promised, here's a little guide to Yumetenbou || 夢展望

Rakuten is now user-friendly for non-Japanese speakers so...I think the site is pretty self-explanatory! You can click all pictures to enlarge. Yes English pages aren't as pretty as the Japanese pages, but it gets the job done when you want to order (:

And it's a lot easier to checkout your cart in the English version. So if you prefer browsing on the Japanese site, just convert the Japanese page to the English page for adding the items to the cart and checking out.

I'll be doing an index of links for the Japanese pages of the Yumetenbou styles and products in a while. So you can browse all the pretty pages in their original glory. When you find something you like on the Japanese site, eg, just replace the part before the item number (503935) with "", then it'll become the English version. Note that there MUST be a slash after the number for the English page to work. So it becomes

So at the item page, select from the available colors and sizes and click add to cart. Okay, so you'll realize that Rakuten uses Google translate to translate the Japanese pages to English. (Hahaha but I bet you non-Japanese speakers do that too if you wanna get the English meaning!) So be warned that the "translations" on the English page aren't very accurate, but you'll get the gist of it! Plus the English page is less cramped than the Japanese page.

Rakuten does not save your shopping cart, so only add the item when you're about to order, or at least remember the item number of the item!

Take note on whether the item is in-stock or pre-order. If your order has items on pre-order, your package will be shipped on the date of the latest release. If all are instock, they'll usually ship within 3 days (from my experience). They'll give you an estimated ship-out date in the confirmation email anyway (:

Scrolling down, there are larger pictures and details of the items. Sometimes the colors are listed in Japanese instead of English, so if you can't read Japanese, use your discretion to match.

There'll also be a size chart listing measurements:

Most of the time, these charts are pictures, so you can't Google translate them. Sooo, for your convenience, here are a list of Japanese measurement words that Yumetenbo uses (:
身丈 - Length (tops, dresses)
着丈 - Length (skirts, coats)
総丈 - Total length (pants)
肩幅 - Shoulder-to-shoulder
袖丈 - Sleeve length
袖口周り - Sleeve circumference
バスト - Bust
ウエスト - Waist
ヒップ - Hip
股上 - Rise
わたり幅 - Leg opening
股下- Length from crotch to hem
裾周り - Hem circumference
素材 - Material
生産国 - Country of production
中国製 - Made in China
日本製 - Made in Japan 
ウエストゴム入り - Elastic band at waist

持ち手の長さ - Length of handles
高さ - Height
マチ - Width
横幅 - Length

Checking out the shopping cart:
Check your items, click "Proceed to Checkout"

Checkout STEP 1:
Check that your items are correct, sign in and continue, or proceed as a guest.

Checkout STEP 2:
Confirm your shipping address.

Checkout STEP 3:
Choose the type of payment you want (Yumetenbou currently only accepts credit card for international orders) and shipping mode (EMS if you're not residing in Japan)

Checkout STEP 4:
Before clicking "Place your order", check that all the information you filled in is correct: name, address, items you're ordering/sizes/quantity. Note that the price listed here is including tax, but excluding shipping costs. Shipping fees for Yumetenbou are 1575yen per 5250yen purchased or part thereof (chart below)

Yumetenbo EMS Shipping Fees
Yumetenbou doesn't charge by weight, but by the cost of the items you buy. (Horrible if you're buying light clothes, but useful if you're buying heavy items like shoes!) In general, they charge 1,575yen per 5,250yen purchased or part thereof. So if you buy 5,251yen, you pay 2 x 1,575yen=3,150yen. The table above shows the shipping costs you have to pay, depending on your total purchase amount.

After placing your order, you will receive an automatically generated email from Rakuten (, entitled "[Rakuten Ichiba]Order Confirmation(Automatic Reply)‏" with your order details.

And depending on when they check their mail, you will receive a confirmation/ acknowledgement email from Yumetenbou ( The email will have information like confirmation of the items you ordered, the total cost inclusive of shipping, and the expected ship-out date. The email will be in Japanese. For those who can't read Japanese, you can CRTL+F the following keywords (in bold) in the email to search for the information you want:
ご注文商品 (items ordered)
Example of how it appears in email:
 ●2Typeレース美脚パンツブラックA M◆2011/06/08発送予定 1 個×1,980円
 ●2WAYレース魅せドルマンTオフホワイト M◆2011/06/08発送予定 1 個×1,780円
 ●スウェードペチパンキャメルA M◆2011/06/08発送予定 1 個×1,480円

出荷予定 (Expected ship out date)
Example of how it appears in email:
06/08出荷予定 (Expected ship out date: June 8)

お支払い金額 (Total Cost)
Example of how it appears in email:
6,815円(税込)(6,815yen, tax-inclusive)

Within 24 hours of receiving the Yumetenbou confirmation mail, you will receive a automated confirmation from Rakuten (, entitled "【楽天市場】注文内容に関するお知らせ(自動配信メール)"

The next email you receive will be a shipping confirmation mail from Yumetenbou, informing you that they've shipped your package and giving you the EMS tracking number. If you can't find the number, CTRL+F "送り状番号" in the email. The number will be beside it. Go to JapanPost (English||Japanese) to track your item.

About a week later, you'll receive an email from Yumetenbou saying thank you for ordering from them (: FYI, Yumetenbou ships from Osaka. The time it takes to reach you will differ depending on where you're located. I stay in Singapore, so far I've always received my packages 2 days after they sent it out~


  1. Thanks for explaining this! I bought some shoes from there and when the Yumetenbo mail come I didn't know if I need to tell something to them [like they say in their FAQ in Rakuten] or not. You saved me, haha! ♥

  2. @Kyra ♥
    Glad it was of help~! (:

    ♥ Karisa

  3. so helpful!! thank you so much!!

  4. @hxchanel ♥
    You're welcome, glad it helps~ :D

    ♥ Karisa

  5. i super♥ yumetenbou!
    would you know if there is any way to ask for different shipping method? ems is really not viable where i reside.

  6. @neuroticsnake ♥
    Hmm, I'm not too sure as on their information page, they list "International Orders (EMS)" (in Japanese) so I'm assuming they only do EMS? You could try contacting them via the enquiry form here.

    It's in Japanese though! First row-name in kanji. 2nd row-name in katakana. 3rd&4th-email add. 5th-item number (pick a random product and use the number in the url). 6th-item name (copy from product page). 7th-doesn't matter. 8th-fill in whatever you wanna ask. I think they can understand basic English (:

    Hope that helps!

    ♥ Karisa

  7. Hello, this was really helpful :)
    But, I would like to know how long did it take you for Yumetenbo to confirm the order themselves? Because, I've ordered and it's been 2-3 days already, and there's still no confirmation email from Yumetenbo, likewise there's no money deducted from my account either.

    Thanks though :D

  8. @wingxc ♥

    Haha, whoops I has accidentally replied the email notification instead ><
    It takes around 1-2 working days. I do not think they work on weekends, so when ordering on a Friday, you'll get the confirmation email from Yumetenbo on Monday/Tuesday usually. The money is usually not deducted immediately either.

    Hope that helps!

    ♥ Karisa

  9. Thank you :)
    My order had arrived today! Wow, I absolutely love their products hehe :D

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    1. thank u so much!*O*
      but can u help me with shoes size? please^^ where are um... calf girth?^^"

    2. @Sabotenjo
      Hello! Calf girth is ふくらはぎ周り, it's the 3rd row, the one starting with 30.9, 31.6, 32.3, etc :)
      ♥ Karisa

  11. whaa this really helped me ! thanks so much dear <3

    1. You're welcome, glad it could be of help~ ♡

  12. can you help me with shoe sizes? i am a size five in us/canada size. am i size 22.0cm or 22.5cm? i bought high-heeled pumps in size 22.5 bec they emailed me saying it was equivalent to size 5 us/canada, however, they were big and I should have ordered 22.0. when i measure my feet and other shoes though, it's 22.5cm. i want to buy some sandals but idk what size to get now.

    1. Sorry, shoe sizes are tricky for me too! It varies from design to design, and I don't know my size either >< You really have to inspect their shoe measurement information (usually lacking) and your feet measurements and pray that it works...Hard part about buying shoes online is that you can't try them!

    2. 22.5 is 6.5
      5 would be 21
      5.5 would be 21.5

  13. Great Tutorial! I'm figuring you have to double the leg opening size (what they give is the flat measurement)? Otherwise, the leg openings are only big enough for an arm XD;

    1. The leg opening refers to the opening at the bottom, where the ankles are :)
      For the ones I've seen, the measurement is usually a whole round (in centimeters)...hope that helps!
      There's usually no measurement for leg opening for the top/thigh

  14. If i never received my confirmation email should i email rakuten or dreamv?

    1. Hi natalieb99,
      Which confirmation are you referring to? The automated one from rakuten or the 2nd one from dreamv? If it's the first one then maybe the order didn't go through, or you should contact rakuten. If it's the 2nd one then you should contact dreamv :)

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    1. Hi Cherry~
      No you do not have to reply the the confirmation emails.

      For that link, it's actually only for Japanese customers, to input their order number and postal code to check order status. It says not applicable to overseas/international orders. As mentioned in this post, for international order tracking, just check the EMS tracking number they give you in the email they send when the order has been shipped.

  16. This guide was so useful. Thank you :) They seem to have changed it now so that it is worked out by weight which is unfortunate because the shoes are so cute! Argh shipping is so expensive >.<

  17. Thank you for this ^_^ Very useful

    ~ Sann

  18. please help! hi, im having a bit of a problem. I tried to order from them before, i recieved confirmation emails and everything and one day i just received an email saying the order was cancelled? im not too sure exactly why since i had to use google translate and it really wasnt clear, but i think maybe because i didnt pay or something? i gave them the number of the card i was using to pay, and it had sufficient funds. i have no idea what i did wrong, was i supposed to reply to the emails? thanks!