Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gmarket Tips 6 - Beauty ♥

There's a beauty club of sorts on Gmarket called "Beautifuler". If you join, you can can get discount coupons each month for certain brands under "The Beauty", which is a group of beauty brands that have an official shop on Gmarket. Not all of these brands are Korean, they include Japanese/German/French/American and other international brands as well.

A shop under The Beauty basically gives assurance of the genuineness of their products, these shops are officially by the brands themselves, not middleman or second-hand dealers. The items you buy are delivered directly from the company.

Most brands under The Beauty usually give free samples with each purchase and extra gifts when you purchase above certain amounts.

You can sign up at the following page:

Click the purple button and you'll have to complete a poll/survey to be able to join.
Here's the tutorial for filling in the survey and accessing the coupons. You can click the image below to enlarge it.

When you finish the survey you'll be able to access the coupons by clicking the brown button then clicking "GO" (see above). Also, if you buy a certain amount of items from The Beauty shops every month, you can enter draws to win items. These items change every month and are shown at Beautifuler main page.

Here's a list of all of the official shops under The Beauty on Gmarket. Gmarket classifies them into 4 categories: Roadshow, Locally-produced, Word-of-mouth and Foreign. Basically the first 3 are all Korean brands. Note that some of them do not ship overseas.



Amore Pacific and brands under the company

LG 생활건강 and brands under the company

VOV and brands under the company

Beyond and brands under the company

Rest of the local brands



French brands

German brands

Japanese brands

Johnson & Johnson and brands under the company

P&G and brands under the company

Rest of the foreign brands

Don't expect "high end" counter brands like Sulwhasoo or Ohui to have official shops on Gmarket, that's like expecting Dior or SKII or Chanel to have official Ebay shops.

I'm not sure how the brands are classified, I just followed whatever category they're under on Gmarket ^^ I think roadshow brands are brands like Etude, Nature Republic, TFS etc targeted at youths in their teens, with cutesier packaging, and they usually endorse idols.

Locally-produced would be ones that have been around longer, targeted at an older crowd, owned by larger Korean companies? Their "faces" are usually movie actresses or non-idol famous people, eg Song Hye Kyo for Laneige, Kim Yuna for Lacvert, Han Ye Seul for VOV.

(I know Etude House and Innisfree are "owned" by Amore Pacific as well, but they have their own shops and are listed as roadshow brands on Gmarket so I'm listing them as Gmarket lists them (:)

Word-of-mouth brands are those I think that started out selling over the internet before actually selling in physical stores, and are spread via word-of-mouth? And foreign brands are obviously brands of non-Korean origin.

For now, these are all of the 90+ brands listed under The Beauty. I don't know if there'll be more added in the future, shall try to update if they do!


Translations/ Vocabulary help

For a list of helpful beauty related vocabulary and their Korean translations, you can refer to Gmarket Tips 5 - Useful Words and scroll to the Cosmetics section (:


COUPONS for Cosmetics/Beauty

For beauty related coupons, you can draw them at these pages.

Brand Coupon Book (coupons of up to 20% for brands under The Beauty)
Beauty Diary (new version)
Beauty VIP Zone (old version)

Note that Beauty Diary is the "new version" of Beauty VIP Zone. So if you've drawn coupons from the Beauty VIP Zone one day, you might not be able to draw it from Beauty Diary on that same day. For the Beauty Diary page you have to scroll down quite a bit to reach the coupons part, so Beauty VIP Zone is less of a hassle for me ^^ I'm lazy!



  1. OMG, this is like a directory to most of the brands I want to buy from Gmarket, 3Q~ =] Never heard of most of the word of mouth brands, time to check them out~

  2. all your gmarket tips are super helpful!! thanks for sharing them ^__^ it must be so much work to take all those screenshots, edit them and write the tutorials x__x anyways, i'm your newest follower now!
    i'll mention your blog when i write about my next gmarket haul <3


  3. @Lisa ♥
    Hope it can be of help to you (:

    @cutielippi ♥
    Hi Lippi, thanks~ (: Just thought that might be of help as a lot of international shoppers on Gmarket don't actually know Korean^^ It's always exciting to haul from Gmarket isn't it~? ♥

    ♥ Karisa

  4. A big big thank you for writing up these tips! The coupon finds are great since it just openned a whole new door for discounts :D

  5. Very useful post. Can you buy from a official dealer in English?

  6. @easttowestskincare ♥

    Buying from them on Gmarket doesn't actually require you to have contact with them, so of course you can buy from them even if you don't speak Korean. But whether or not you can buy from them depends more on whether they ship overseas or not.

    If you're asking about their English ability, it varies from dealer to dealer; I have no way of telling how much English each one knows. If you don't know Korean and want to communicate with them/ask queries, your best bet is to use simple, proper English, as I think they'll use an online translator if they don't know much English...

    ♥ Karisa

  7. Do you have to use the Korean version of Gmarket to access this club/coupons? Or can you use the English version as well? And by the way, if I sign up for the English version of Gmarket, can I have access to my account on the Korean version? Thank you!

    1. You can just click the link to access the coupons. After you draw it, you can go back to the English page to use them. I do not know if the coupons exist in the English version. You're not signing up for any "version" of the site, you're just signing up for the site. Hence, you can access whatever version you want after making an account :) Just that as an foreigner not living in Korea, signing up in English would be easier, I assume...

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