Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Ranking (First Half Year)

Revealed last week, the 2013 Ranking for the first half of the year is finally out! The rankings are based on reviews and ratings by real consumers who share their experiences on, Japan's largest cosmetics community/portal. It's not like an award doled out by magazines/editors, but a ranking based on sentiments of regular consumers of the products, so Japanese companies happily place their ranking on their products if they manage to get one. If you go to drugstores in Japan, you'll often see stickers on various cosmetic products! Plus they have a good mix of Western and Japanese brands, drugstore and department store brands.

Here are the rankings for the Point Makeup, Base Makeup and Skincare sections. I translated the product names from the Japanese names, so don't blame me if their actual English names are something else, I wouldn't know!^^ Also translated the description of some of the 1st place items, complete with the stars and musical notes they used, so don't think it's just me inserting random comments^^


[1] Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact N
Cute and girly case, colors can be used as 4 individual colors or mixed together.
[2] Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact
[3] Paul & Joe Cheek Color

[1] Jill Stuart Velvet Crystal Eyes
A well-received, easy to use 4-color set with pigmented and elegant pearly colors.
[2] Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes
[3] Visee Glam Nature Eyes

[1] K Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP
An eyeliner that stays put. The ease of use of the brush is also highly raved about.
[2] Dejavu Lasting Eyeline RN Brush Liquid
[3] KATE Slim Gel Liner Pencil

[1] DiorShow Iconic Overcurl
Gives a beautiful curl even without the use of an eyelash curler ☆ 
The pigmented color gives beautifull separated lashes.
[2] Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Meister
[3] Guerlain Cils D'Enfer

[1] Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence 
Shiny and moisturizing and stays on! Another good point is the lipcare functions.
[2] Aube Essence Premium Rouge
[3] Canmake Stay On Bar Rouge

[1] Dior Addict Gloss
Highly transparent and overwhelming glossiness and volume make it well-recommended.
[2] Lavshuca Flower Nectar Gloss
[3] Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited


[1] L'Oreal Revitalift UV Block BB
[2] Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream
[3] DiorSnow Whitening UV Protection 50 BB

[1] Lunasol Skin Modelling Powder Fountation
Fits perfectly like a second skin, for glossy, poreless skin~♪
[2] Maquillage True Powdery UV
[3] Sofina Prima Vista Powder Foundation UV

[1] Lancome Mat Miracle 24H
Gives a fluffy, matte finish ☆ Gives a natural look, like the appearance of bare skin.
[2] Lissage White Liquid Foundation
[3] Addiction Tinted Skin Protector

[1]Cosme Decorte AQ MW Secret Glow
[2] Est Long Lasting Loose Powder Lucent
[3] Chacott Professionals Beauty Veil Powder

[1] Coffret D'Or Full Keep Base UV EX
Gives a silky feeling, and is holds up well against sweat and sebum for a long time ♪ 
A matte base that covers pores.
[2] Chanel CC Cream
[3] Guerlain Blanc de Perles Makeup Base SS


[1] L'Oreal Revitalift UV Block
[2] suisai Perfect UV Day Emulsion II
[3] Shiseido Anessa Pergect Essence Sunscreen

[1] Parado Skincare Cleansing
[2] Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Repair Cleasing Cream
[3] White Label Placenta Whitening Cleansing Gel

[1] Lush 毎日が晩餐
(I don't know what the English name for this is, plus Lush products in Japan are made and packaged differently and have a different product texture/consistency from the rest of the world)
[2] Meishoku DETclear Bright&Peel Fruit Enzyme Powder Wash
[3] RMK Sherbet Moisturizing Soap

[1] Shiseido White Lucent Powder Brightening Mask
*They only announce 1st place for the sheet mask category


[1] Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targering Serum+
[2] YSL Forever Light Creator Serum
[3] Shiseido HAKU Melanofocus CR

[1] Aquamoist Hoshitsu Lotion
[2] Hadalado Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion
[3] Meishoku Moisture Carbonate Mist

[1] Clarins White Plus Moisture Emulsion
[2] Albion Exage White White Crystal Milk III
*They only announce till 2nd place for this category

These are the rankings for the first half of 2013. Each year there are 3 rankings, the first half, later half and overall whole year. The overall whole year one has more categories, including eyelashes, nails, eyebrows, concealers, etc. And of course as the years pass you'll see more new items, but there are some items that repeatedly make the list over a few years, even after revamped formulas. A good example would be Jill Stuart's Mix Blush Compact, the old version topped the blush category in the 2008, 2009 and 2010 rankings. Another example is Majolica Majorca's mascaras. Though they're different formulas, Majolica Majorca's mascaras have been #2 in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. 


  1. Wahh~~~ I love MM mascaras and Hada Labo's lotion! And of course Jill Stuart blush #^_____^#

  2. Thanks for the info!! Luv Kpalette's eye liner =]

  3. Why arem ost of the products high end? I think Japan's a little opbsessed with brand clout over actual quality.