Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ladurée Takashimaya Singapore

 I LOOOOOVE Ladurée's macarons, they're like a piece of heaven! 
My absolute favorite flavor is Rose Petal, it tastes so amazing. Ladurée's Rose Petal tastes like rose, not too artificial, not too sweet, and the filling is generous and flavorful, and texture is so smoooooth The macaron shells are crisp and even, and it's just such a joy to eat these. 

 The first time I had Ladurée was in 2010 in Monaco.
The four flavors I got then were Rose Petal, Vanilla, Coconut and Chocolate.

The fake stone wall outside the store, which is located on the second floor of Takashimaya.
Ever since I heard that Ladurée would be opening a store here, I just kept waiting...after a six-month wait, it finally opened in Takashimaya! They have this store, as well as a smaller takeaway counter on the first floor. The queues are awfully long at both branches, though they're in the same building...had to wait over half an hour from queuing to paying.

 A box of 6 is S$32, a box of 8 is S$38.
My box of 4 in Monaco was only 7,50euros!
All the boxes on the left are boxes you can choose from. 
The cylindrical boxes are for loose tea leaves, 125g.

Limited edition Singapore box, for 8 macarons. 

Trays and trays of wonderful, crisp macarons and their generous, thick, tasty fillings...
If you don't want a box, it's S$3.80 per macaron, which they'll give in a plastic.

I got a box of 6, because I wanted the long pink box that matched the box I got in Monaco, which was the green version. (Yes I've kept it all these years, I've even kept the paper bag from then!) I wanted Marron (chestnut), but the staff misheard it as Marie-Antoinette and gave me that instead (the blue one) -.- Disappointed because I don't like caramel :( I wanted my Marron! Green is Pistachio, white is Vanilla and pink is Rose Petal, my absolute favorite~ 

 Gorgeous green treasure chest-like box with gold filigrees and a tassel!
And gold-leaf macarons...

Spotted this bird box, it's so pretty!
But they didn't sell it :( 

 Everything is so pretty, I love the pastel colors of the boxes.

 Gift basket, all pink.
For now the store sells just the macarons, tea, chocolates, candles, shopping bags.
Hope they'll open a dine-in salon and sell their lovely pâtisseries...
Their tea salons in Tokyo are gorgeous!
And I wonder if the cosmetics line will come here some day, the cosmetics packaging is gorgeous too~

Anyway, Uniqlo launched a range of Ladurée tees, they're so adorable! 
There are 10 designs in all, and these 3 are my favorites~
Recognize the patisserie in the middle? It's a Saint-Honoré Rose, which I'm holding in the blogger profile pic^^ Though the one I'm holding is from Antoinette. The Laduree here currently doesn't sell pâtisseries :(


  1. I came across the t-shirt on Uniqlo last Monday XD
    Btw, I was wondering, how much does Laduree macaron cost in Japan?

    1. In Japan the macarons cost 270yen per piece~ Not too sure about/can't remember the box rates^^

  2. Yummsies, the macarons look so good!

  3. Prices are sooooo jacked up =[
    Though I agree that they doooo taste amazing!!!

    1. Yeah, a pity about the prices :( Though that doesn't seem to be stopping people from queuing and buying!
      Yesh! I have a preference for classic flavors, so I love Laduree's macarons the most ♥

  4. there anyway i can purchase this all the way from Brunei?

  5. Ladurée macarons are good... but Pierre Hermé macarons are much better !

    The flavours are much more original (eg: white truffle & hazelnut, foie gras & chocolate, mandarine & olive oil, yuzu & chocolate..) and part of the collection changes least twice a year.

    If you haven't tried yet, try next time you are in Tokyo or in Paris and enjoy!

    a French man in sg