Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yumetenbo Styles Index

For people who just love trawling through and browsing stuff (like me!), hopefully this'll help ease your browsing of Yumetenbou if you can't read Japanese.

There are 6 categories in Yumetenbou, namely Princess, Glamorous, Kirei, Girly, Kids and Beauty. The ones which have more products are probably Princess and Glamorous. I've divided this post according to the categories. Everything on the lists below are links to the relevant pages on Yumetenbou's Rakuten site.

So say you love the floral, princessy type of clothes and want to browse just tops from the Princess section. Go to the Princess Style section and click "Tops". The link will direct you to the page on Yumetenbou listing all the tops under the Princess category. If you just wanna browse tops, irrespective of category, just go to the Yumetenbou English page and click Women's clothing, followed by tops. This is for people who wanna browse by categories (:

And remember, if you wanna go the the English version of the item you're browsing, just replace the part of the link before the item number with "". So becomes Don't forget the slash behind the item number for the English version, or else it won't work.


(I love this!) Linosug
Diable Baiser


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