Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yumetenbo love ♥

Ordered from Yumetenbou again a while back, it really is a breeze ordering from them! And lucky for me there was a sale going on for the items I wanted, so I saved quite a lot! For Yumetenbo, saving on purchase cost=saving on shipping cost because shipping is based on amount purchased^^

This was originally 2,980yen, but it was on sale for 1,980yen!
I wear size 39/40 shoes, so I got size LL (24.0cm~24.5cm).
It fits perfectly.

Detail of the beads, I love the pattern and colors!
The sub-brand is Linosug, I really like all their stuff!
Most of their items are mode-kei~

Side view. I love the wedge! The pattern is pretty

Back view

Front view when worn
It's actually not that high when worn.

Side view when worn
Love all the lace up strings!

I had my eye on these ever since the last time I ordered from Yumetenbou, because they gave a newsletter and I saw these lovelies featured in it! I wasn't sure which color to get, they all seemed nice! (The picture above shows camel, black, white. I got dark brown, a 4th color not featured.)

Lace Poncho in Ivory
Originally 2,980yen, got it on sale at 980yen!

Close up of details~
It's really pretty and well-made.
I really have a thing for lace/cutout designs right now^^

Floral Lace Romper in White
Was originally 3,480yen, got it for 980yen!

Close up of pockets, they have a lace trim!
Material is soft and satiny.

The leg openings have a lace trim too!
Sub-brand is Mary Rose, most of their stuff if floral/girly.

The design on the front~

Originally 1,980yen, got it at 980yen.

The lace-up detail at the back!
Sub-brand is Linosug (:

Was debating whether to get white or black!
But eventually got white.
Most of the stuff I got this time were white, except the shoes!

The 4 items totaled to <5,250yen, so shipping was 1,575yen.
A pretty good deal as the shoes were heavy!

I just got one pair of shoes since I didn't know whether LL would fit, seeing as most Japanese gals have small feet and I've never bought shoes from Japan before. I usually wear size 39 for open-toed heels/shoes, and these fit perfectly. But if they were close-toed shoes I don't think they'd fit me. I have abnormally long middle toes^^

This is the Yumetenbo June newsletter~

Page 2, featuring bikinis and basket bags for summer

Page 3, more bikinis

Page 4, maxi dresses, skirts and summer shoes

Page 5, some trend items for summer

Page 6, offshot pictures and some info

Page 7, ads

Page 8, kidswear

Next post will be the index of links for Yumetenbo (:
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  1. Wow nice haul! I've never ordered anything from Yumetenbo before, I always chicken out at the last minute thinking that I won't actually wear the clothes that I order lol!

  2. OMG I LOVE ALLLLLLLLLL THE ITEMS IN THIS POST. Cannooooooooooooot say enough good things about the shoes. They're gorgeous!! What a lucky find!

  3. @suki pooki ♥
    Thanks! (: I always spend days agonizing and narrowing down which things I wanna order, whether I'll wear them, how much I want them, whether I can find similar stuff in malls hehe^^

    @Ellie ♥
    Haha, thanks! The shoes were my "main" buy, I basically squeezed in the rest to make the most of the shipping fee! ^^

    ♥ Karisa