Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CECIL McBEE Fabulous Beauté ♥

CECIL McBEE, a popular 109 brand, will be launching a cosmetics/beauty line! Named Fabulous Beauté, the line will go on sale from 1st August 2011 at CECIL McBEE stores.

Not sure how the quality/standard of the products will be, but the packaging sure looks pretty! I'm interested in their lashes, which are slated to be 5 pairs per pack, at 1,050yen a pack. The pricing is comparable to Diamond Lash. But the designs aren't out yet... Another 109 brand that has released lashes is Liz Lisa, but their lashes are 2 pairs per pack, retailing for 1,260yen a pack. I want to try the lip products as well~

CECIL McBEE Fabulous Beauté lineup

The start-up collection is small, a total of 8 different products.

3 designs
1,050yen per pack of 5 pairs

2 colors - brown and black

2 types - Volume and Long

3 colors - PK01, PK02 and BG01

Lip Color
3 colors - PK01, BG01 and BG02

Hand Cream
2 frangrances

Body Cream
2 fragrances

Aroma Candle
3 scents

I'm looking forward to the lip items and the lashes~ I really do like the packaging a lot! (Hohoho you know I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging! ) Keeping in mind that they're a clothing brand, having this amount of products in the start-up collection of their cosmetics line isn't bad!


  1. So pretty!!!! I want the hand cream and the lashes

  2. This looks interesting! The packaging does remind me of Paul and Joe Beaute!

    I like their lippies' colour and they look good! I wonder how it compares to Candy Doll since they are more expensive :O

    The aroma candle is an interesting item though.

  3. These products look amazing!!! I'd love to get my hands on some but I have a feeling it will be long before I can order any offline =( I hate that my city doesn't have a steady supply of asian cosmetics!!!

  4. @Malice ♥
    I'd love to know what the fragrances of the creams are! So far there've been no mentions ^^

    @Pearlin ♥
    Yeah! The first thing that struck me was the packaging, and I love Paul&Joe! I don't know whether it's a country thing, cos Liz Lisa also sells aroma candles haha!

    @suki pooki ♥
    I have a feeling I won't be able to get them very easily either! Since they'll only be sold at Cecil McBee stores T_T

    ♥ Karisa

  5. was going to purchase lip-gloss and eyeliner but no can, i can't understand anything on the site nor does it say prices for American dollars. =(

  6. @Quira-Beth ♥
    Well, it is a Japanese brand and their webstore only delivers to Japanese addresses, so they wouldn't really have any need to put prices in other currencies^^ You could always use a currency converter and convert the yen prices to USD~ (:

    Otherwise you could try their Rakuten store in English. They'll list the price in your country's currency beside the yen price. They don't ship overseas, but you could use a forwarding service like Tenso.

    ♥ Karisa

  7. ah darn it. oh wells just my luck lol.

    Wanted to try their make up for some shoots bring in something different then MAC ugghhh oh wells. Maybe someday when they get big enough or i end up in Japan teeheee

  8. @Quira-Beth ♥
    How about trying Paul & Joe? The design is somewhat similar, floral and paisley-ish? ^^

    Cecil McBee's cosmetics line just launched so I don't think they'll be expanding overseas anytime soon, even Liz Lisa's hasn't >.<

    ♥ Karisa