Monday, July 11, 2011

Sentimental Circus Hauls #3 and #4!

When I saw a new collection of goodies from Sentimental Circus, of course I had to haul some! I have a great weakness for lovely stationery and cute character goods, and currently Sentimental Circus is a huuuuge favorite of mine! I've posted my previous hauls here(haul #1), here(haul#2) and here(stickers).

Theses are lovelies I bought this time round, from Kinokuniya at Liang Court and Ngee Ann City. If you ever see Sentimental Circus items on display, if you think you like something, stop hesitating and get it! Chances are, it might not be there the next time you drop by.

New memo pad design.
There was another design as well, but I didn't get that.
There are 100sheets inside, 5 designs x 20sheets per design.

The sheet of stickers inside~

Mini tin can!
There are 4 designs in total, but I only saw 2 and only got 1.

Mr Bear on the reverse.
I got this design cos it's pink hehe.
And the front is cute~

Mini mesh bag, it's really well-made!

The outside is covered by a layer of clear waterproof plastic.
Under the plastic, there's a pink bow and gold sequins~
The white words/decorations are printed on the plastic layer.

The inside has many compartments and pockets.
It also has a zipped compartment and a button fastener.

4 types of pencils!
These are sprinkled with bits of blingy holographic silver.

The other side of the pencils~
The silver bits are pretty under good lighting!

And at the bottom of the pencils there are these cute motifs~

Memo pad sets!
Each set has 6 memo designs and a sheet of stickers~

First 3 designs of each set~
The designs and characters are so adorable!

Last 3 designs of each set and the stickers~

The reverse of both sets.
I really love all the color!


The 2 new notebooks~
Remember for one of the previous collections I didn't want to buy the notebooks cos they weren't colored inside? Well, good news for me, these have colored pages!

The first one has a yellow/orange striped background with the whimsical characters bordering the top and bottom~

Close up

The second one has a pink background with silhouettes bordering the bottom~

Close up of Shappo in the top left corner

Loose stickers!
Other design from previous collection here.

There are 60 pieces in total, 12 designs, 5 pieces per design

This set features the characters on cards, with their names in the corners.
In the previous set, they featured the various characters doing their acts

Harder, thicker drop seal stickers

Index stickers!

My entire Sentimental Circus family~
4 files, 2 large memo pads, 3 regular memo pads, 3 mini memo pads, 2 notebooks, 2 mini notebooks, 2 mini memo pad sets, 4 strip post-it sets, 2 loose sticker sets, 4 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 mini tin can, 1 drop seal sticker sheet, 1 set on index sticker, 1 mini mesh bag.

I really adore the designs of Sentimental Circus, they're so whimsical and fun! They're cute but not overly childish, and the black detailing in the designs give them a bit of edge. And I love the color scheme as well, pastel colors mixed with black detailing. They're my favorite character goods thus far! (Replacing Palette's Sweet Street because I really did not like the fancy flower design in the last Palette collection.)

Sadly, not all Sentimental Circus products can be found in Singapore, and they usually sell out pretty quickly :( You can find Sentimental Circus items seasonally, depending on stock/shipment, at the stationery section Kinokuniya stores (Ngee Ann City and Liang Court), Takashimaya B1, and NBC at Raffles City B1.


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  3. Adorable stationary! I love how you took a photo of the inside of the notebooks too! I've wanted to order them off ebay but wasn't sure how it looks like inside, I also don't like it when it's only black and white inside lol!

    Anyways! Im loving your blog! <3

  4. @suki pooki ♥
    Thanks! ♥ Heehee for me the insides of the notebooks are the most important! Really feel cheated when a notebook's cover is really nice, but the inside is boring, and it costs the same as a colored-inside notebook! ^^

    ♥ Karisa

  5. I am DYING WITH ENVY!! I cannot find any of those here in my country, you've soooo many!!! I, too am in love with Sentimental Circus

  6. @Saving Capulet ♥
    I don't know how limited a time they'll sell these in my country, so I usually grab as much as I can when I see them around^^ I really adore the characters!

    ♥ Karisa