Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Palette's Sweet Street Haul ♥

Kinokuniya was having a member's special last week, 20% off books and 10% off stationery. Paid a visit on Monday and ended up hauling a bunch of stationery from Palette's Sweet Street's 2010 series cos they were just too pretty! ♥ I'll show you guys the stuff I bought, the 2010 series, followed by the 2009 series from last year :D

Though overall I liked the designs and motifs 2009 series more (I love everything in the series, more pink/pastel colors, more yummy pâtisseries, cute drawings and little accessories, and the thin black outlining of the objects made it sweeter), the 2010 series has some items/designs that are really pretty (the lace designs), and cute like the houses memo sheet (see memo/notepad #1)

Letter set #1! Four designs, 10 writing papers + 5 envelopes for each design. My favorite's the top left (:

The reverse of the envelopes, love the detail!

Letter set #2, 4 designs, 10 writing papers + 5 envelopes per design. I like the 2 on the left!

The reverse of the envelopes.

Letter set #3, one design, 25 sheets and 10 envelopes and 10 address sheets. Admittedly, for the same price, it's less value for money than the previous two letter sets, but the design is so pretty ♥ I love how the top follows the outline of the cat/matryoshka dolls (: And the envelopes have a frosted clear front, there's a sheet for you to write the address. This is probably my favorite in terms of design for the 2010 series.

Memo/notepad #1, my favorite sheet is the front one!

The 4 designs in the pad, there are 25 sheets per design. My favorite's the top left, followed by the top right ♥ I really love the top left, the cute little shops, lace at the bottom and how the main paper's mimics a cobblestone road (: And the top right has cute little carousels at the bottom, sweet.

Memo/notepad #2, yepp this is the "Palette's Sweet Street" in "fancy font" design that I don't really like, a bit too bright/clashy/gaudy for my taste ^^ sadly much of the collection had this design as the cover. (See further below) However the insides were pretty so I bought them ^^

The four designs, 25 sheets per design. I like the top right most (:

The top detail of the non-rectangular sheet.

There were 2 designs for the A5 notebooks, I only got one as I still have one from the 2009 series that was pretty similar to the notebook I didn't get. I also got the 2 mini notebooks. See how the blue background+fancy font words are covers of lots of things for this series? I really like the cover of the pink one though. It reminds me of the 2009 series of which I really love all the items!

The inside of the notebook, it's pretty! ♥ the lace in the background and the cute little motifs bordering the top.

The insides of the 2 mini notebooks. The left is the one with the blue cover and the right is the one with the pink cover. Though I don't like the blue cover, I like it's inside sheets!

File #1 for the 2010 series, I guess my favorite design for this series is the rows of houses + lace designs ^^

File #2, yellow background + fancy font.

Mini file, this is A5 sized and has 3 compartments. Err I used it to store memo sheets in my bag ^^ Pink background + fancy font. I like the lace though, just not the font :(

Cards! Each set has 10 cards and mini envelopes. Use them as greeting cards, cards for presents etc. I like the top one, cakes and macarons, yum!
Stickers for the 2010 series, I'm assuming there are 4 different designs, cos the ones I got were labelled "Seal 01" and "Seal 04". I didn't see 02 or 03 all the times I went to Kinokuniya though, no idea how they look like either! 01 is the fancy font, 04 is cute little trinkets and pâtisseries, however I find that the stickers from the 2009 series are cuter and more endearing cos of the designs (further below)

Close up of 04. There are no more thin black outlines as found in the 2009 series :(

My 2009 series collection! Aside from the files and letter set, the rest are from the 2009 series. I got them in end 2009/ beginning 2010 (: I got the 2 files, letter set and blue mini notebook around end 2010/ beginning 2011. They sold out pretty quickly after they first launched, and thankfully Kinokuniya brought in a new shipment around last week just in time for the discount!

The sticker sheets for 2009. From left to right, these are #4, #1 and #3. I've never seen #2 :(

Close up of a section of #3, I really like this cos it's a pâtisserie and there are tons of sticker of cute cupcakes, pâtisseries, macarons and other tea-time delights ♥ The faint black outlines give a sweeter feel than without right?

#4 has lots of stamps, matryoshka dolls, Eiffel Towers, perfume bottles and glasses/bottles of wine (:

#1 is of sweet girly things like bags, purses, ballerina flats, jewellery, cakes, roses, keys, toiletries ♥

Post-it pad! This is the pink one. There's also a blue one but I wasn't able to get it :( I regret not buying it the first time I saw it! Anyway, the pink is sweet! Cute little kitty hugging the Eiffel Tower

The bottom of the post-it~ Sweet little trinkets and love the dots/lace design in the background ♥

The notebook from the 2009 series ♥ I know I've said this a lot but I really like the black outline ^^ I think that was what first struck me as the difference between the 2010 series and the 2009 series! Sure the 2010 series has more lace backgrounds, but the little drawings and pictures are different and the feeling is worlds apart :(

Inside of the note book! Love the macarons at the bottom!

Detail at the top~

A mini notebook for the 2009 series. No spiral type. This is what I call the "Pâtisserie" design ^^ like the sticker sheet #3

There are 2 designs in the notebook,

Close up of the 2nd design, pretty!

File #1, same design as the notebook~

File #2, "Pâtisserie" design ♥ (:

File #3, random motifs design? I don't know what to call it haha. I used it for my French notes last semester (:

My whole Palette's Sweet Street collection, the 2009 and 2010 collection! Okay, see, the 2010 really has a lot of the "fancy font" design!

Anyway, I ended up going back to Kinokuniya on Wednesday (last day of discount) and hauled even more stationery from the Sentimental Circus series, will post on that soon! While Palette's Sweet Street is endearingly sweet and lovable, Sentimental Circus' designs are more whimsical and cute in a different way (:

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  1. omg designs are uber cute!
    yeah the designs in the 2009 series seems cuter to me, but the 2010 memo pad is cute!
    i'll go try my luck at kino or taka! :)