Sunday, March 6, 2011

日本料理はいつまでも大好きだ ♥

I love Japanese food, I can never get sick of it it seems One of my favorite is Okonomiyaki (without the mayonnaise please), however not many places serve it here :(

Unatama roll from Sushi Tei, I love unagi

Golden mushrooms rolled in beef

Ginza Bairin was having a promotion for a set of 4 meals (though there were only 3 of us ehehehe!)

Unagi katsu! Unagi with the breaded crust really has a different taste from regular unagi kabayaki, though it might be a bit too heavy to finish all for some people.

Chicken katsu don, the chicken bits were generously large and tenderly soft, yum.

Cha shu ramen

Black pork katsu curry, I love Japanese curry, it's not spicy (I don't like/have little tolerance for spicy things hehe, I don't take wasabi or chili either.)

Fresh sashimi from Fish Mart Sakuraya Swordfish, salmon and octopus, the octopus was really good, soft and juicy
You can pick out which chunk of fish you want from their display, (already packaged and priced according to weight, you can look and see the color, size of the meat and pick) and they'll cut it for you and serve it to you.

A pretty tea cup with sakura flower details

Unatama roll from Fish Mart Sakuraya.

Agedashi tofu

Matcha Zen from MOF! It's cold sweet azuki paste with a scoop of matcha ice-cream and almond flakes, yum! It's a really tasty cold dessert and the almond flakes give extra texture (there's a no almond flakes version, but I'm thinking it'll just be like drinking something cos there's nothing to chew on?)

Mushroom and egg don with half-bowl udon from Don at Meidi-ya

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