Wednesday, February 23, 2011

twg tea ♥

Favorite tea place in Singapore, TWG Tea

This time I tried the iced Snow Mountain tea. It's a fruity red tea I think? Anyway my favorite teas that always I buy home to brew are Charlemagne and Silver Moon. Silver Moon is a green tea blended with strawberries, it's light and sweet; while Charlemagne is a blend of green and white teas, with strawberries and roses

My favorite pâtisserie (other than tiramisu), frasier! I love strawberries, and the génoise sponge cake and almond cream go perfectly with them to form this delectable goody~ And look at all the strawberries mwahahaha

The back view! I love how whole round fraisier cakes look, because you can see strawberries pasted all around the cakes~

Raspberry mousse that my friend ordered. A bit sour for my liking but well-made nonetheless.

Profiterole! This has a cinnamon-ish cream filling, yummy! I have a long looong way to go before I can make profiteroles like this!

Chocolate cake with ice-cream!

TWG also has a really yummy matcha-almond cream filling which it uses in its Paris-Brest, however I haven't seen it in stores in ages and I'm not sure if they serve it anymore :( But there's this matcha pastry with strawberries that's worth trying. And everybody loves the Singapore Sling, which it like a crème brûlée cake filled with berries ^^

Ooh and their tea-infused macarons are delicious too! And the tea jelly that's served with scones/madeleines/financiers is really tasty, especially the vanilla bourbon one.

Although as a tea itself vanilla bourbon is a bit chocolatey and not to my liking, when used in food/baked goods it's really great! Made mini cupcakes with them and the taste was

After decorating with icing

A 50gram packet of tea costs around $7 for most regular teas (Geisha Blossom, Fruit Mountain, Alexandria, Vanilla Bourbon, Silver Moon etc) Charlemagne is around $14 per 50 grams, but it's really good, my favorite tea ever!

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