Friday, February 18, 2011

JYJ concert in April! ♥

JYJ's gonna have a Singapore leg for their concert tour! That's the best thing I've heard all year (other than the lawsuit against them being dismissed), happy~ ♥ Can't wait!! I've been waiting for them to hold a full-length concert here since 2004, and finally, they will be~~♥♥♥

I've always connected more with their Japanese songs, as I became a fan of theirs while I was learning Japanese. I heard their a cappella and fell in love. And at that time, their Japanese wasn't very good yet, for like me, they were still learning as well. Over the years, as I continued studying Japanese and they continued their Japanese activities, I saw how hard they tried and how tremendous their improvement (in their language skills and as performers) was. Seeing them so all-rounded spurred me on.

There were times when I was getting sick of learning Japanese and wanted to quit because it was getting to the advanced stages of difficult and "boring" stuff like reading about politics and writing essays on societal problems, but I held on till the end of A-Levels because of a wonderful bunch of guys - DBSK. They were my inspiration and motivation (: (In 2006, I translated their Japanese magazine and news articles and television interviews for O-Level practice hehe.)

Whenever I hear certain songs they remind me of certain stages in my life. I've been listening to DBSK since I was 14, so a huge chunk of my memorable years can be linked to their songs, and now JYJ songs will forever be linked to my university years (: After they stopped activities in Japan, I was saddened, but I started learning Korean, so that I could understand them (: Now the world is their stage! Though I've still got a long way to go before my proficiency matches that of my Japanese, I hope I'll get there someday (:

Currently, I really like all the songs in their Music Essay. They've really grown a lot not just as singers and composers, but as people in general, since they debuted. Despite all they've achieved they're still very humble and still as or even more hard-working than when they first started out. They're very grounded and down-to-earth, and really love and care about their fans. Hearing them sing live just makes my heart swell and makes it want to burst from happiness. Their lives are really a whole lot better than their recordings, their voices resonate deeply and touch the depths of your heart. I'm so glad I got to become their fan ♥

Anyways, the point of this post was: I'm so happy and I can't wait! :D ♥

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