Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Happy Valentine's Day everyone~! ♥ Even if you're single, it doesn't have to be SAD. (Singles Awareness Day) You can celebrate this day with your other loved ones like friends and family. After all, Valentine's day is all about love and appreciation, of which there are many types ♥

This year, I made choux pastries - profiteroles/mini cream puffs! Although this was my very first time making them, I'm happy to report that everything turned out great! You just boil water and butter, and add in flour, then eggs, mix well, form balls on a cookie tray and stick them in the oven! It's that easy~ ♥

So how do they look? I didn't bother taking many pictures cos my hands were full of batter/cream/chocolate and I was rushing for time ^^ This was right after dipping the finished choux in melted chocolate, hence the chocolate still looks wet and runny. (Hehe the chocolate coating can cover the unevenness and imperfections on the top too ^^) I used 75% cacao dark chocolate infused with orange. The chocolate itself is quite bitter, so I made a really sweet custard cream filling.

Another angle. The chocolate started to dry so it looks thicker/less watery here. When it dries it's not as glossy. This was my first time making the cream as well, and it ended up a bit too custardy tasting. (I think I added too much vanilla essence.) But I'm really quite happy with the way my choux puffs ended up, I'd like to think of them as very successful (in terms of shape/texture) for a first time try :D

On another note, I redid my nails. Used hot pink as a base, sponged on white at the tips and a few patches of black. However I thought they looked a bit boring/plain so I added more colors, and...

Finaly product! This is how it is now~ ♥ I sponged patches of blue and green at the bottom to add color, some pink and red cos the pink was getting all covered up, and added more white at the tips as well as bigger, more noticeable patches of black. Overall I'm quite pleased with the final outcome.

Once again, a happy Valentine's Day to all~ ♥♥♥

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  1. Yumms the choux look delish :D
    Care to share the recipe?
    You make them sound easy to make but they don't look like it!