Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sentimental Circus Haul ♥

These weren't on display the first time I went to Kinokuniya last week, but when I returned on Wednesday these babies had a display on their own in the stationery section. Stock for Palette's Sweet Street was significantly less than on Monday, so if you ever see cute stationery on display, don't hesitate to grab them and go for it! Otherwise they'll be gone, though you could try the Liang Court branch, they usually have old stock of stationery, or B1 of Takashimaya, the stationery section (:

This time round, taking advantage of the 10% off stationery promotion, I hauled a bunch of stuff from the Sentimental Circus series. The design is whimsical and fun, quite unlike Palette's Sweet Street, but it's cute in its way and just drew me in

The first thing I saw was these cute post-its, the clear ones really sucked me in!

Close up! Pretty I love the use of colors and lace border at the bottom

The pink set. There's also another set in another color but I didn't get that.

Memo/notepad! This is the "main character" of the series.

At the back of the notepad there's an introduction of all the characters From top to bottom, Shappo the ringleader, Toto the juggler, Leo the ring-of-fire jumper, Mouton the acrobat, Mr Bear the cyclist, Kuro the ball walker, Pig and Mamo the flying trapeze artists, Pony the hurdler, Chick Ballerinas the ballerinas (:

The first page is a sheet of stickers

There are 5 designs in the pad, 25 sheets per design. This is the first, I like the details they give the characters~

This is the second design, The background is faded and features the various characters doings their acts The foreground is Ringmaster Shappo and the curtains~

Design #3, it's really cute, showing the characters doing various activities and I like the color mixture. But I don't think I can write on this cos there's no space/the colors are not light enough to write on? I'd probably cut strips to decorate stuff (:

Design number 4, they look like toys in a toybox, and I like the faint lace stripes in the background

5th design.

Also got both mini notebooks~ Super cute. The gold bits are holographic/reflect light prettily! There were also the regular A5 sized notebooks, but I chose not to get those cos the insides were plain/lacked color and detail. I'd only get Japanese notebooks with colored pages!

The insides of the 2 mini notebooks~ Not sure if you can see clearly, but the lines in the top one are actually dots and a swirly pattern, while the bottom one has alternating pink and purple lace stripes

I also got the bigger memo/notepad. This has no stickers and it's really more of a notepad. Good for writing letters, perfect size!

Design #1, it's horizontal and pink! Love the black lacey border at the top.

Design #2, not sure if you can see it, but the background has rows of faded pink and violet diamonds
3rd design, ovals of the characters at the top and bottom of the page with swirly lines running down the sides.
Final design
And the last item I got was the file It has the same design as the cover of the smaller memo pad (: I love the faded detail in the background.

There were also letter sets and stickers (the pre-cut individual kind with their own backing rather than all on a single sheet). If I ever see the stickers the next time I visit Kinokuniya/Takashimaya/anywhere I'll get them!

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