Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Slice of Heaven! ♥

Pâtisserie Glacé's Strawberry Soufflé!
It's amazingly heavenly, the best strawberry soufflé/strawberry pâtisserie I've ever had: the strawberries were delicious, and the soufflé was super moist and tasty. And this is considering that I bought this at 3pm, carried it around town in my hand, (unwittingly swinging it and damaging/causing a side to flatten ^^) and only put it in the fridge at 1230am. Ate it at 2am and it was still surprisingly amazing. I ate it sooo slowly, dreading the fact that with eat bite taken was a bite closer to its disappearance TT

Their baumkuchen is yummy too! Sweet and moist, not too oily/greasy. I. NEED. MORE!!

I go to the Tanjong Pagar branch at Icon Village, and sadly they don't have a sit-in/dine-in area, it's just a stand/store front. But all their pâtisseries look sooo good. Shall try the montblanc next and grab another soufflé! Their pâtisseries are mostly French/Japanese fusion, hence they're quite light and easy to stomach, meaning you can buy and eat many at a go mwahahaha!

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