Thursday, March 31, 2011

찾았다! Sentimental Circus Stickers! ♥

Yessss! I found them! The Sentimental Circus stickers I've been longing for~ Last two packets at Takashimaya Basement 1 stationery section, I only got one ^^

There are 60 pieces in total, 12 designs, 5 pieces per design The stickers feature the various characters doing their acts

Even the backing's cute, it's supposed to resemble the stage

And...I also found this! Sticker sheet #2 for Palette's Sweet Street 2010 series~ Sadly I can't seem to find #3 anywhere. But I'm glad #2 is this, I really like the sweet houses and buildings design, with the details and words - boulangerie, restaurant, shoe shop, patisserie etc If only I could find the notebook in this design. I told myself not to get it last time but... I should've gotten it instead of the blue fancy font design ^^ Oh wells, but I found my Sentimental Circus stickers and unexpectedly this, so I'm happy enough

Will be posting Gmarket Tips 5 soon, hopefully it'll be helpful to you for when you're trawling for things to buy on Gmarket

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