Friday, June 17, 2011


I lovee anything Liz Lisa, their designs are always so girly and sweet, with lots of flowers, lace and delicate materials. I always feel like buying the whole store but realize I probably won't have the occasion to wear all the clothes or use all the items. *An idealist in mind but a realist in actions*

Liz Lisa store in Harajuku's 竹下通り (Takeshita Doori).

Liz Lisa Store in Shibuya 109.
The shop gal tending to me was really nice;
friendly, chatty and really sweet.
Really attentive too~
All the Liz Lisa shop gals are really cute,
their hair and make and clothes are sooo pretty

The summer shopping bag (normally it's plain with no design)

The stuff I bought

I love love love this ring!
It's super sparkly, really glad I got it (´౪`)

Looks even better in real life
Should've gotten more Liz Lisa bling accessories!

Came with a case when they packed it.

Liz Lisa maxi dress (´౪`)

Details on the top.
Fully made of cotton, lined on the inside, lace trimmed.
Made up half of my receipt!

Notebook, has a lace strap

Liz Lisa たれ目ドーリーラブLIZ系 upper lash.
I've reviewed the lower lashes here
These are VERY soft, totally not stiff at all.

Heart-shaped eyelash case

Has "Liz Lisa" on the cover and "Chambre à coucher" on the top corner.

Mirror on the inside. Prettiest lash case!
In June (after I left) they came out with two other designs, pink and white.
But I still think this design is prettier, with all the color

Camisole with lace straps and detachable dangly back thing

The top half is coated with lace.
The dangly thing is attached at the back, and has ribbons and crystal balls

Close-up of the lace straps and top half.

Mini heart-shaped notepad

The inside is pink! And has Liz Lisa and flowers faintly printed in the background. At first I didn't know there were different colors for the insides, till the shop gal told me (:

The Liz Lisa stores were having a summer event, whereby you spend above a certain amount and get a free umbrella So I got the ring to make up the amount, really glad I did!

Pretty white umbrella with floral prints and a curved pink faux leather handle and frills at the edges. Came with an umbrella bag/cover too. I use it everyday now instead of my Jill Stuart umbrella, which it not waterproof and lets the water seep through the roof of the umbrella!

Liz Lisa was the last store I went to that day, I was carrying too many things to be able to shop more or even take pictures^^ (ie I didn't get to go to EGOIST either (´Д` )) Their stuff really is pretty and the quality is great. However I do think that the prices are kind of high. So it's best to wait for sales when items can be at half-price!

All the stuff I was carrying by the time I was at Liz Lisa. A couple more bags are hidden behind the SBY bag! Plus a giant tote bag on one of my shoulders. I was severely sore and aching in the arms, shoulders and back the next day ^^

And on the last day before I left, near the subway exit into Parco there was a Liz Lisa bargain corner/booth set up there, lots of things going for up to 50% off! Buutt, it was my last day, I had no cash left, and that booth did not accept credit card. The main store accepts card, but the makeshift booth didn't and I couldn't take the stuff, drag it to the Liz Lisa store in the basement and pay there (´Д` ) So no more Liz Lisa for me (´Д` )


  1. I love your haul! *so jelly* The umbrella is so lovely! last time, they gave out floral print cellphone holders when you spend above a certain amount *-*

  2. @ RiA SPiRAL ♥

    Their accessories are always soo pretty! Now they're giving a keyholder~ Last month or the other month they were giving out beach totes, pouches and sandals D: But it's okay I'll use the brolly well (:

    That the day after I bought my Liz Lisa stuffs, they had this coordinate campaign whereby you can get a set of a top, skirt/shorts and a dress for 15,000yen O___O Why do I always miss the good deals? ^^

    ♥ Karisa

  3. Wow. An amazing haul :) So jealous! I love the ring, the lashes and the case. So pretty!

    I'm Marion BTW. Nice blog ;)

  4. Omg the lashes! I'd really like a pair of Liza Lisa lashes *laughs* Amazing haul ♥ I can't wait to visit Liz Lisa myself again :)

  5. @ Marion ♥

    Hello Marion~ (:

    Thanks, I really love the ring too, regret not getting the matching bracelet which was what the store gal originally recommended to me! ><

    ♥ Karisa

  6. @ Anna ♥

    The upper lashes are actually quite soft^^ Kind of too soft/delicate for my liking but they're pretty when worn! ♥

    Just visiting or even walking past Liz Lisa makes me feel happy~~ :D

    ♥ Karisa

  7. Wow... u so lucky to have the stuff from liz liza.
    im from Malaysia
    i only get liz liza by online.
    dat means so limited items from liz liza i can choose.

  8. @ .::: Princess MOMOY :::.

    Liz Lisa has a Rakuten store, although it doesn't ship overseas directly, you can use a forwarding service to ship to Malaysia (: They're selling special Summer Time lucky bags on the Rakuten store!

    ♥ Karisa

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  10. Oh thx u dear

    right now im waiting my wedges and dress from liz liza
    i just dream that i could stay at Japan for shopping =)

  11. @.::: Princess MOMOY :::. ♥
    Congrats~ (: Hope you get your items soon! I wish I could stay in Japan and explore all its corners and scenery too^^

    ♥ Karisa

  12. I love your ring too *-* And the notebook and the lashes case <3 Ohh, I want the same umbrella !!! ^-^