Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fujimoto Miki x Eyemazing = Ciffone Line

Fujimoto Miki (藤本美貴), former Hello! Project member and part of Dream Morning Musume, collaborated with Eyemazing to produce a line of 3 lashes, named Ciffone Line シフォンライン (I actually think it's supposed to be "chiffon line" but they spell it "ciffone line" so I'll call it that!)

These actually came out the same time Mizukitty's lashes did, June 8th, but they didn't catch my eye as they're more of the "natural-looking" sort. All lashes in the series are upper lashes, and like all other Eyemazing lashes these are priced at 1,260yen for a pack of 3 pairs. Translated the descriptions for ya'll (:

No. 401 - アイドルeye
Eyemazing No. 401 - Idol eye

Close-up of lashes
Inner end: 5mm Center:10mm Outer end:5mm

Description: Strands are carefully bound one-by-one, so that it looks natural. Moreover, the transparent lash band makes it such that even when you do natural makeup, your eyes will look bright and the lashes seem like extensions!

No. 402 - パーティーeye
Eyemazing No. 402 - Party eye

Close-up of lashes
Inner end: 5mm Center:8mm Outer end:10mm
(...I don't think the outer end is 10mm but it's what the pic says!)

Description: Showy but not too flashy. To use on special days or even regular days, the strands are exquisite with natural length! Black lash band gives the effect of eyeliner!!

No. 403 - シークレットeye
Eyemazing No. 403 - Secret eye

Close-up of lashes
Inner end: 5mm Center:7mm Outer end:10mm

Description: Darker inner ends and longer outer ends can only come from a specially designed lash specially in the Mikitty (nickname for Fujimoto Miki, not to be confused with Mizukitty) series! Giving volume to the inner corners secretly results in eye power up

Following 2 pics courtesy of SBY:
Mizukitty's Sweet Ribbon series on sale in SBY

Sweeet! I wanna steal the whole big box!
Mwahaha they can last me a lifetime...or not!

Ciffone Line on sale in SBY

No urge to steal these^^

So...still not feeling much love for the Eyemazing Ciffone Line, simply because it's not my type of lashes. They do however seem suitable for OLs and working ladies, plus they have sweet packaging. But 401 and 403 look like the sort you can get from handmade Taiwanese lash brands, which are 10 pairs for ~USD10, so...for around the same price I'd rather have 10pairs than 3! Not really crazy over Fujimoto Miki either, so compared with the Mizukitty Sweet Ribbon line, of course I'd rather get the Mizukitty ones^^

I'm actually quite surprised she produced these lashes, and under Eyemazing, a brand associated with models/personas who wear false lashes to emphasize their eyes and eye makeup (Jun, Kyari, Tenchimu, Mizukitty), whereas Fujimoto Miki's eye makeup is rather...non-existent?They are tagged as oneesan-kei lashes contrasting with Mizukitty's moegyaru-kei lashes on the Eyemazing shop, so maybe the brand wants to cater to a wider range of consumers? Beats me!

What do you think of the line?


  1. Hey babe just wanted to say thanks for all the regular updates, it's been a treat reading them everyday!

    Btw may I know where do you get your diamond lash from? I know a spree for one now, but they are only open for the pink and purple tray but the ones I want are all from the light pink range! My ideal lashes are MLBB (my lashes but better) :D so I like the natural style more.

    Do you have any tips on buying and caring for lashes? Buying lashes have been a real trial and error for me, the ones featured in this post, the 5 pairs for 10 bucks kind look too.. feathery on me, the straight kind, though they are supposedly "natural" look way too spiky on me, and some on the criss-cross kind have clear divisions so it looks like portions of my lashes decided to clump together :( I also have to idea how to attach lower lashes properly. Do you stick them on your lower lash line or a little below, like how mizukitty does it?

    I would love a post on how to care for lashes. Some of the dollywinks and melliesh lashes are so fragile that I'm scared I'll break them apart :(

  2. @ nellislica ♥

    Hey dear, thanks~ Life isn't terribly busy now so I've got more free time (:

    For online, I got my Diamond Lash from this babe, prices are higher than Japan retail but they're reasonable and the lowest I've seen online so far (: She's really nice, plus there are loads of other lash brands and model-produced items too (:

    Buying...for me it's trial and error ^^ Sometimes I like how it looks on in the box, but it ends up differently on me. Some lash brands have pictures of the lashes worn on models, so that gives sort of an idea, and really helps me at least figure out how the tips/spikes would look like.

    Natural sorts I think Decolog who's Sweet is quite natural, and Marimo's Toujours 01 and 02? What's your take on those?

    I usually attach lower lashes on my lower lashline, because it just looks odd on me when I try putting it lower^^ The shape of the bottom of my eye is kind of curved? So I can't really stick it on straight like they do in magazines :(

    Heehee I've been in the midst of doing a post on caring for lashes but I just keep putting it off^^ Will post it soon! When I first started I could only use each Dolly Wink pair for at most a week before they became too mis-shapen and had to be chucked, but now I can use them for 2~3 months with daily use^^ The biggest factor I think is how you remove the glue, followed by how you store the lashes (:

    ♥ Karisa

  3. Wow decolog who's sweet? I was actually thinking of buying who's rich because I love the style of the bloggers who produced it :X

    For some reason the best lashes that work on me are the ones where each lash is very dark and defined, not necessarily thick. Haven't tried Toujours lashes mostly because I dont really feel the love for marimo like I have for the other models =P For some reason they keep pairing her with kumicky for magazine shots but she's sort of being overshadowed by kumicky and she doesn't quite have the edginess that I Iove from the blenda/nuts/jelly gang. So I guess to me she's not sweet enough like mizukitty and kumicky, not cool enough and not funky enough like nana and the whole wc closet/street fashion gang =\

    Thanks for the link! 30 bucks for lashes?! *faints* the pink tray diamond lashes are worth it though!

    Btw here are some of the places I go: - They have cheaper decolog lashes at 20 bucks and some other stuff

    Sg bestbuy - eyemazing lashes for sgd15 bucks each! I'm tempted to try the harajuku lovers one since I heard the original range is crazily long!

    I don't think I've ever removed the glue, I just peel it off and stick it back in the case. Stubby nails can't peel off much and a few timed I tried pulling at the original bits of glue that the lashes came in, I'll accidentally pull out the lashes D:

  4. @nellislica ♥

    Haha I like who's Rich, reaaaaally regret not getting it! Just thought that since you liked the more "natural" kinds, sweet seems more natural than rich?

    Guess they pair her with Kumikky so often cos they're BFFs, but they "over-promote" Kumikky to be the "face" of the magazine, so I never really notice Marimo much either :x Nowadays I'm kind of leaning towards the nuts/edge style/blenda kind of look instead of the sweet/girly Popteen/Sister look^^

    30? I thought the pink/blue Diamond Lash ones were only 21? I think Diamond Lash will forever remain my favorite brand~ :D

    Yeah! I don't remove the glue every single time, I find that it holds the shape more easily when there's a bit of glue left. Long nails can't peel off much or even put on^^ So tweezers are my best friend! Does a great job of carefully removing the glue without damage (:

    ♥ Karissa