Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meeaaat and grocery sightings in Tobu

I rather enjoy exploring groceries, supermarkets and mini-marts just to see their food! I was staying at Ikebukuro, and Tobu was the nearest department store, between the station and where I was staying. Needless to say, I ogled at some of the goodies one night, meat and fruits are what I like to see!

Hakkaku (八角), guess the fins have been removed?
Product of Hokkaido, so says the sticker.

Tako (octopus) and hotaru-ika (firefly squid)! (´౪`)
I love love loveee cephalopods - octupi, squid and cuttlefish.
Seeing these made my mouth water and induced cravings
Hairy crab, imported from Russia.

Big fat juicy roe!
The darker ones on the left are from America, the ones on the right are from Hokkaido.

Just look at it, one whole big packet of roe.

Tuna. Personally, I don't eat tuna.
No tuna sushi, no tuna+mayo, no tuna anything.

Hotate (scallop) and hokki-gai (surf clam), products of Hokkaido, so the labels say!

Ma Aji Hiraki (真あじ開き/cut-open salted mackerel), product of Nagasaki.

Unwittingly spotted this type of vegetable known in Chinese as doumiao, which I totally dislike ^^

Cherry tomatoes~

More and more cherry tomatoes~

I actually don't really like cherry tomatoes...or tomatoes.

But I LOVEEE strawberries!

And I love melons too!
Cantaloupe and honeydew, especially with milk

I saw this recipe somewhere for melone alla mandorla (almond melon), it's really tasty!
For a better gastronomic experience, chill the melon in the fridge before eating, the milk as well.
1. Cut a melon in half and scoop out the seeds.
2. Mix 150ml of milk with 20g of almond powder and 20g of sugar.
(adjust to your liking/size of melon)
3. Pour the milk into the depressions in the melon and voila!
4. With a spoon, scoop out a delightful combination of melon and delicious almond milk each time

Super nicely formed and expensive melons.

BEEEEFFF! Look at that color and marbling!

More beef!

Need I say that I love beef? Seeing all this good beef made me crave it soooo badly!

The reason their beef looks and tastes so good is that apparently their cows have/receive no stress. No stress=good muscle composition=nice marbling. Saw it on a channel (`・ω・´ )

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