Monday, June 13, 2011

Yumetenbo + Egoist Rakuten orders

Really liking my dear deer ring! (´౪`)

Right now I've really got a thing for lace/semi-translucent/holey/cut-out designs on clothes, which is why I placed an order on Rakuten(楽天) for some Yumetenbou(夢展望) and Egoist(エゴイスト) items. It was my first time ordering from them, and glad to say that the process was fuss-free and quick!

Anyway, my order from Dream Vision aka Yumetenbou (夢展望) came!
English page/ Japanese page.

Yumetenbou is an online store that sells gyaru clothing, shoes and accessories, covering a wide range of styles including the agejou style, Popteen-ish girly style, Nuts/Jelly mode-kei, boho/ethnic styles of gyaru. They have a ton of listings, some which sell out super quickly, and there's bound to be a couple of items you'd love! Popteen's Kumikky even collaborated with them to produce some items before.

Yumetenbo ships overseas directly, by EMS, but is not under the "We welcome foreign buyers" thing, so it may be a tad hard for non-Japanese speakers to look for ordering information. EMS fee is based on the amount of purchase.

I will do have done a mini-tutorial on ordering from them/ ordering process/ measurements here! q(`・ω・´ )p

First thing I saw when I opened the box were flyers.

The one with the kids is Yumetenbou's monthly newsletter, this is the back page of June issue. Don't worry, everything else inside is a catalog of new items for gals not little girls! Just that one last page featuring kids stuff.

First time ordering so I just got 3 items to test out the process. And also, since shipping is based on amount of purchase, I got items such that my total purchase was just within the first range of shipping prices. (Purchase 0~5,250yen, shipping is 1575yen. Purchase 5,251~10,500yen, shipping is 3175yen. Etc.)

Suede shorts in Camel-A

It's really pretty, the cut-out patterns and scalloped edges, but there's no lining on the inside, length is short and the leg holes are rather large, so you need to wear inner shorts...unless you want to flash!

It's 2way because there's no front or back,
you can wear it either way with the lace pattern in front or behind.

Close-up of the design

This has inbuilt black shorts/lining (~30cm long).
After that there's no lining so you can see the pretty lace pattern

Close-up of lace pattern

Wearing the top + pants, I really like the pants! (´౪`)

Black chain-braided hairband I found in Donki!

EGOIST started international shipping in April 2011!
English page/ Japanese page

Another reason why I like them even more now (other than their lovely S/S 2011 clothes). Anyway, for non-Japanese speakers they've declared "We welcome foreign buyers", so you can enquire in English and they'll get back to you in English. The EGOIST store only accepts PayPal for payment. They ship overseas via EMS, and rates are based on weight.

They will send you a PayPal invoice with the calculated total amount. The company name on PayPal is 株式会社アクレ so don't feel suspicious if you see that and not "EGOIST". 株式会社アクレ is just the Japanese name for "acre Co. Ltd.", which is like the parent company of EGOIST, Glad News, Gilfy, Cecil McBee, Ravijour, Esperanza, SLY, Rienda and other 109 gal brands.

Of course the original Japanese page has better graphics, but if you don't know Japanese and you're gonna order, just stick with the English page, it's easier for you to navigate and you've the option to hide out-of-stock items so that the ones that appear are the in stock items. But if you're just browsing, the Japanese page has lots of prettier pictures

Got the tape yarn fringe cardigan which I fell in love with after seeing it in the June edition of Edge Style Sadly it was out of stock at the physical stores I went to (Shibuya 109 and Ikebukuro Parco) I had wanted to get the black, but it was sold out online, so got light pink instead. Was 30%off on the webstore~

For pictures of it worn, you can look at pictures of the model on the site^^ Love that it's holey because that means I can wear it here without fear of dying from the humidity or a heatstroke! It's really comfy and really love wearing it; the holes/pattern and fringes and material are great (Though my brother says it looks like a fisherman's net ≧Д≦`)

GALSTAR: English page/ Japanese page

Another store on Rakuten that sells gyaru clothing is GALSTAR, which is often featured in Nuts/Jelly/Blenda. Their clothing is mostly mode-kei (catering to the Nuts/Jelly/Blenda styles) so don't expect to find "cute" floral stuff there! They have the declaration of "We welcome foreign buyers" so that's good to know q( ´∀` )ノ I haven't bought anything from them yet so can't comment much on their payment/shipping processes!

Anyway, these shops ship overseas directly, so no need to use a forwarding service (which I think it's troublesome, time-consuming and a hassle!) Rakuten is quite easy to use. I do tend to use the Japanese version while browsing simply because I know Japanese and there's more graphics and information that's not warpedly Google-translated^^...And I like reading customer reviews!^^ But after deciding, when filling my cart I use the English page. Though the English version may look plainer, it is easier for foreign buyers to browse as there are categories; you can fix a price range; choose to search only in-stock items; etc. So there's really no loss if you don't read the Japanese version~

I think I've moved on from trawling Gmarket to trawling Rakuten!(´౪`) I just couldn't ever seem to find clothes I like on Gmarket! q(´Д`)p

**Just a heads up for people residing in the US, saw in a mailer that Rakuten is offering free shipping for all orders bound for the US. The free shipping campaign is valid for 30hours, for orders made between 13th June 7AM~ 14th June 12:59PM EDT. Details @ their webpage here. You can only purchase from items/shops which offer direct international shipping to qualify for free shipping. Happy shopping!**


  1. I know this is rather random but your post came up when I googled a question about yumetenbo...

    I recently placed an order with them to the USA (new york city) and I was wondering how long did it take you for it to be shipped and if you had to specify your exact address (the write down everything backwards as we would it seems)?

    I hope these questions aren't too random and straight forward! :X I'm a newbie and kind of worried, lol.

    Also, you ordered really lovely items :)

  2. @ Jasmina ♥

    For this order, because one item was a preorder, it shipped on the date that the item was released. If all the items are on preorder, they'll ship on the date of the latest release. If all are instock, they'll usually ship within 3 days (from my experience) Whenyou get the confirmation mail they'll list the expected date of shipping (:

    for the address you have to put the whole thing inc city etc, the way they arrange it may be odd but it gets delivered! I live in Singapore and it's such a small country with no cities or states or provinces, but I had to fill in 3 "Singapore"s in the address line ^^

    Hope that helps! (:

    ♥ Karisa

  3. Yes, this helps so much! Thank you! I just got an email saying it was shipped on the 28th (I'll assume that it shipped yesterday because Japan is 13 hours ahead of NYC -o-).

    Also another question I forgot to ask - how long did it take for you to receive your order from the ship date? I know it will differ cause I live much further away but since I don't know how to track my order and I'm super impatient! The email didn't anything about it.

    Oh and I checked the option a different shipping address than my rakuten one (that would only let me register my address in Japan outline, no zipcode or anything D:) because it seemed to have been designed for US customers :)

    Hope I'm not being too bothersome! thank you again ♥

  4. Oh lol I got the tracking :) And they replied my email and said about a week!

    thanks again <3