Saturday, June 11, 2011

Donki loots ♥

In the previous post, I introduced the wonderful Donki, so now this post's gonna be about the wonderful things I hauled from there^^ This is a combination of 4~5 trips to Donki? Each time I step in I feel the itch to try something new (´౪`)

Condensed version in the video!
First time shooting a video, didn't think the sound would be that soft^^ Yeahhh, my camera has a front screen so I'm actually looking at that instead of the lens, so, sorry if I don't seem focused!

This bunch is from my first Donki trip
They didn't have all the types of Fairy Lash at that branch.

Hada Labo bunch
Skin Conditioner, BB Cream and BB Emulsion, both in Natural Beige.

Hada Labo Skin Conditioner
I think this is travel-size/sample-size, it's 40ml. I've checked the website and the full size is 170ml, the refill is 150ml. This is supposed to be a medicated toner I think?

Nail polishes by Beauty World
Champagne Nail Cocktail trio, Blossom Nail Cocktail trios and Glossy Top Coat. I LOVEEE the top coat! It makes your nails super glossy and "juicy" that they really look like gel nails (The product description is "like gel nails")

Nail polishes by pa. Mermaid polishes!
The flakes inside make them look like little scales when painted on.

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP in limited edition PINK!

And as part of the Cheer Project it came with a CD with the campaign's song.

Side-by-side with the normal version.
At first I saw the Pink version in the normal packaging when I first stepped into Donki, so I grabbed one. But as I walked further in I saw the Pink version in bigger packaging (with CD) and they were the same price, so why not get the one with the CD?

Candy Doll Makeup Base in 01 and Candy Doll Concealer in 01.

AC Finishing Powder in Multi-Natural

This is Multi-Natural (for normal~dark skin), the other version's Light Natural (light~normal) I think? I got the darker version so that I can try to have a "tanned" look haha. Anyway I LOVE this powder, it finishes matte, no shimmers! (´౪`)

Produced by AngelColor, makers of popular karacon. (Colored contact lenses)

It has 30g of product and retails for 1,890yen. Not discounted even at Donki.

Color comparison with Chacott Powder. Chacott has some fine shimmers.

Chacott was also 30g for 1,890yen.

Samourai Woman Premium Rose Aromatic Eau de Parfum.
I don't know how they do it, but perfumes in Donki are extremely discounted, even cheaper than Duty Free prices! (Same for alcohol, it's also cheaper at Donki than the airport if anyone's wondering
(`・ω・´ ))

This supposedly retails for 5,250yen, but was only 2,480yen at Donki. Ferragamo's Incanto perfumes were also cheaper at Donki than the airport, I noticed because I bought 2x30ml bottles of Incanto Shine for SGD$91 at Changi Airport's Duty Free, but at Donki a 30ml bottle was 2,000+yen. (SGD$30+).

So if you wanna buy perfumes or liquor, go to Donki instead of Duty Free! You can claim tax-exemption too if you spend over s certain amount.

Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow in Light Ash and Light Brown.

Different colors for when my hair is differently colored. I actually wanted to get the Palty brow mascars, but I didn't buy them the first time I saw them, forgot which drugstore sold them, and Donki didn't have them (´Д` ) So got Heavy Rotation instead.

Eyelash Laboratory, aka EyeLabo lashes. Retails for 1,050yen, was 980yen at the Ikebukuro and Shibuya Donkis, 798yen at the Shinjuku Donki. Close-up pictures in my lash haul/lash sighting post.

EOTD with EyeLabo's Sexy Doll 002 and Natural Angel 003.
You can see all the lashes I bought in Tokyo here.

Toujours lashes produced by Murata Mari, aka Marimo.

Candy Style lashes, often featured in Egg. 198yen per pair!

Nature is Lovely lashes in S-1 and S-2, produced by Donki.

Rosette Face Pasta. Lifting type with white clay.
The other version available was the moisturizing type with seaweed, in a green tube.

SANA Hadanomy Collagen Mist! I LOVE THIS! (´౪`)
Just a few spritzes and it really moisturizes and makes your skin look and feel soft and hydrated.

Retails for 900yen, but was 698yen at Donki.

Limited Edition Dolly Wink Set.

Lash cases

Heart-shaped Hello Kitty lash case has a mirror inside and attached charm!

These have multiple sections.
The sectioner is a plastic sheet which can be removed.

A leopard-print case.

Limited Edition Donki-Exclusive Luminous Change, produced by Itabashi Rumi.

The ever-distinctive yellow Donki shopping bag.

Lists their website,, which you can visit to find out the location of their branches.

I know I've said this many times, but Donki really is a great place to explore and discover different products You really should visit at least one if you ever go to Japan q( ´∀` )ノ


  1. hi karisa :) *silent reader* just wanna say tt i really enjoy reading your lash reviews and introductions on new lashes :) and your voice/way you speak is really nice! where are you from? ahhh *envious of your haul* zomg all the lashes!!! can't tell the difference btwn the ac/chacotte powders in the vid but they're loads clearer in the pics. by the way, are you wearing two headbands or are the pink and black bands part of the same headband?

  2. @ cathie ♥

    Hi~ Glad to know that you enjoy reading them (: I really love lashes, sometimes I think I'm just a hoarder^^ I stay in Singapore.

    Realized after after watching it, hence I put the pictures. The lighting in my room is quite terrible, one fluorescent white light, and guess my camera really doesn't like that, it prefers sunlight ♥

    Yepp I'm wearing two^^ At first it was just the black but I think it wasn't very visible in the lighting so I just decided to wear the pink (:

    ♥ Karisa