Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fairy Lash ♥

Continuing my euphoria from lash paradise, here's introducing Fairy Lash, produced by Ageha model Sakurai Rina 桜井莉菜, known to most as Sakurina.

Each pack contains 2 pairs and retails for 1,050yen. Each pack also comes with a heart-shaped lash case, which while cute, isn't very practical if you buy a lot of boxes and end up with a lot of cases! Bought all of them from Donki.

There are 8 types in total, 4 from the first series (striped background) and 4 from the 2nd series (colorful background). Each series has 2 upper and 2 lower lashes. Here's starting off with the 2nd Flower series~ (I do very much like the new packaging)

バービーeye 下まつげ
Barbie Eye, a lower lash from the 2nd series.

It's basically a dupe of Diamond Lash Baby Eye, which also retails for 1,050yen but for 5 pairs. Also a dupe of Nature is Lovely S-2, which retails at 498yen for 3 pairs. All have clear lash bands, but Diamond Lash and Nature is Lovely have thicker lash strands.

セレブeye 上まつげ
Celeb Eye, upper lash from the 2nd series.

Strands are very long, thin and curled. Somewhat like some Ardell lashes I've got. Price is similar if you consider the per pair price, but these have cuter packaging! But not my style are the strands are too thin ^^ For longer lashes I like 'em thick.

セクシーeye 下まつげ
Sexy Eye, lower lash from the 2nd series.

It's like a dupe of Diamond Lash Cute Eye from the Volume series, same price but 5 pairs. Or even Jewerich No.3 which retails at 2pairs for 980yen. Slightly cheaper but I like the Jewerich packaging more cos it's got a floral backing!

ブライトeye 上まつげ
Bright Eye, upper lash from the 2nd series.

Somewhat similar to Dolly Wink No.1 but denser and less feathery? However the focus is the thicker points in the center/pupil area as opposed to Dolly Wink's focus at the outer ends. One of the slightly more unique designs.

小悪魔eye 上まつげ
Koakuma Eye, upper lash from the 1st series.

I've seen a lot of designs similar to this from Korean brands like Darkness/Shisem and random brand-less lashes etc...and it has a thick black lash band so a no-no for me!

JEWELeye 上まつげ
Jewel Eye, upper lash from the 1st series.

Very long, thin, curled strands. Not much separation or volume, so it's not my kind of lash!

WINGeye 下まつげ
Wing Eye, lower lash from the 1st series.

Gradated thickness from inner end to outer end, but an otherwise common-ish type of straight lower lashes which can be easily found. Decorative Lash, random brand-less lower end lashes etc.

DOLLeye 下まつげ
Doll Eye, lower lash from the 1st series.

Also has gradated thickness from inner end to outer end. Haven't really seen many lower lashes so separated like this, so this is probably the most unique pair amongst the 8 Fairy Lash types. The closest I can think of would be Eyemazing 202, which is less dense and doesn't retain the triangular/pointy style all the way.

To me, Fairy Lash isn't a must-get unless you're a die-hard Sakurina fan. I wouldn't buy them...because (a) Most of the lash designs are extremely similar to Diamond Lash, which retail for the same price but come with 5pairs instead of Fairy Lash's 2pairs. Or if not Diamond Lash, other already existing, more affordable choices out there; and (b) The designs really are, sad to say, nothing unique.

However the cases are cute, good if you're buying your first box! But if you're intending to keep repurchasing, I think you'll end up with waaay too many boxes!

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