Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lash Sightings in Tokyo ♥

Tokyo was a lash paradise! q( ´∀` )ノ There were sooo many brands and varieties of lashes, almost all of which looked nice and were packaged nicely. Even the "lower end" lashes weren't bad, they even had clear/thin lash bands and decent curl.

In Singapore, the cheaper types really have no quality, lash bands are thick, lashes are straight/no curl and extremely plastic looking. And the packaging is usually ugly too. So needless to say, I took a lot of pictures of the piles of lashes I saw~ (`・ω・´ )☆

ドン・キホーテ Donkihote, aka Donki, sells lots of lashes at discounted prices, except for those produced by models which usually are fixed price almost wherever you go, unless there's a closing down sale or something. Examples of relatively fixed-price brands are Dolly Wink, Diamond Lash, Jewerich, Eyemazing, Melliesh etc. Mostly model-produced ones.

First off, spotted at Kokumin, Jumily.
This is produced by Jelly model 高橋真依子 Takahashi Maiko, also known as Maichi.

They retail at 2 pairs for 1,050yen.
Most of the designs seem unique, I totally regret not getting any to try!

There are 6 different types:
No.1 - Exte Eyes
No.2 - 3Way Eyes
No.3 - Girly Eyes
No.4 - Cat Eyes
No.5 - Basic Eyes
No.6 - Dolly Eyes

Canmake lashes, 525yen per pair. 藤井リナ Fuji Lena is the face of the brand.
Also saw Dolly Wink, which was like everywhere.

Shelf of D.U.P. and other random brands at Donki. The 3 Donkis I went to (池袋, 渋谷, 新宿) each have at least 5 entire shelves dedicated to lashes alone! I didn't snap all though...most of the time my hands were full^^

Luminous Change produced by Edge Style model 板橋瑠美 Itabashi Rumi. 1,155yen for 5 pairs. Saw this at a MatsuKiyo in Takeshita Doori. I've introduced these lashes here.

Saw them at Donki too.

盛りGirl Mori Girl lashes. 298yen per pair at Donki.

They're considered lower end but they still look pretty decent!
Especially compared to the ones I see in Singapore.

Another lash shelf at the Donki in Shibuya. Chocola Co, Cheercil, Tsukema Eye, Disney Princess, Mink Fur, Premium Lash etc. And a misplaced box of Sakurina's Fairy Lash^^

Donki was my lash heaven! I spent hours thronging through the shelves of lashes and cosmetics and miscellaneous goods stacked high to the ceiling.

Eyelash Laboratory aka EyeLabo! Sold exclusively at Donki. Introduced these here before. The designers/producers of this brand are Popteen models 椎名ひかり Shiine Hikari, 秋山未来 Akiyama Miku and 河西美希 Kawanishi Miki. There are 24 different types.

These retail at 5 pairs for 1,050yen, but it was on discount at the Ikebukuro and Shibuya Donkis for 980yen. But at the Shinjuku Donki it was 798yen! Too bad I already grabbed what I wanted from the Shibuya Donki :(

Eyelash Value Pack, pack of 5 for 1,260yen, comes with glue. Astrea V. and D.U.P to the left.

Tsuji-chan lashes, produced by former MoMusu member 辻希美 Tsuji Nozomi.
5 pairs for 1,260yen. I don't know what the official name for these lashes are, all the labels and tags in the stores call it "Tsuji-chan false lashes". Spotted at a MatsuKiyo.

Spotted the 2pair pack at Donki, on discount for 578yen per pack.

Cheercil lashes going for 328yen at Donki. Original price is 399yen.

Decorative Eyelash in cute blue heart-shaped boxes!

つけま♥アイTsukema Eye/Love, 3 pairs for 598yen in Donki.
There are red boxes and gold boxes.

仮面 (Kamen) Eyelashes.
The packaging is quite cool in that they show the lashes on a cardboard eye^^
Kamen means "Mask".

More Tsuji-chan at a different Donki, and Nature is Lovely to the right.
Nature is Lovely retails at 198yen for 1pair, or 498yen for the 3pair packs.
3pair packs are only available for S-1 and S-2.

Disney Princess lashes. 698yen for 3pairs at Donki.

Diamond Lash and other Diamond Beauty products at SBY Happy Room.
The newer series, light pink and light blue trays, are only sold at Donki and SBY.
Other common drugstores only carry the older dark pink and violet trays.

SBY stocks mostly brands produced by gyaru models.
Dolly Wink, Melliesh, Eyemazing, Jewerich etc.
They also had Decolog lashes, produced by popular gyaru bloggers.

Also saw Decolog at Pink Latte in Harajuku.
There are 3 types: who's RICH, who's SWEET and who's DOLLY.
They retail for 1,260yen for 5 pairs.

Spotted these Hello Kitty lashes at Pink Latte. 1,029yen for 5 pairs.

...I came back with these! Not all of them are mine!

Just these are mine~ I should've gotten more, I regret not getting the other Decologs or trying a box of Jumily or more Candy Style T_T

Limited Edition Dolly Wink, 1,260yen for 2 pairs (1 each of No.2 - Sweet Girly and No.6 - Baby Cute) and a lash case in purple. The regular lash case is pink and retails for 420yen. Dolly Wink lashes retail for 1,260yen for 2pairs. So basically the case is free!

The 3pair packs of Nature is Lovely S-1 (top lash) and S-2 (lower lash).

Donki-exclusive Limited Edition Luminous Change in 00 Glamorous Rich.
Pack of 3pairs.

Candy Style in D-5 Baby and M-2 Racoon.
These are 198yen per pair at Donki! I got these cos I saw a picture of Romihi in the latest Egg issue and loved her eye makeup, and it was listed that she was using these 2 pairs for the look.

Decolog - who's SWEET.

Liz Lisa たれ目ドーリーラブLIZ系 upper lash.

Eyelash Laboratory - Sweet Fairy 002

EyeLabo - Cute Princess 001

EyeLabo - Sexy Doll 002 (upper) and Natural Angel 003 (lower)

EyeLabo - Cute Princess 002

Yeah, so not very many boxes and I'm sort of regretting now because I probably won't have a chance to try them unless I fork out a lot of extra dough for the extremely marked up prices online, if I can even find them! I forgot to get EyeLabo Sweet Fairy 003, the names/numbers are confusing and I couldn't remember which I'd already gotten. (´Д` ) Sighhh. But I was so happy seeing all the lashes! (´౪`)

I guess there's a big market for lashes there, almost every girl (teens~twenties) I saw was wearing a pair, and I also saw lots of school girls shopping for bunches at Donki. Almost every drugstore I saw stocked at least a couple of brands of lashes.

Anyway, reviews will come when I try them out!


  1. Lash paradise indeed, OMO, so many varieties!!!
    The Tsuji-chan ones look nice, and the Jumily ones too =]
    You really SHOULD have gotten more, online hawkers are mad overpriced =]

  2. Donkihote seems to be my kind of heaven, I'll definitely be sure to pay it a visit when/if I ever go to Japan! XD

    Seeing the huge displays just makes you feel like owning the whole sets doesn't it? :P

    *squeals* Disney and Hello Kitty lashes bring out good childhood memories! Girls just love that kind of collaborations don't we? :P

  3. it's just so adorable, I want to try them too <3 but dolly wink is so expensive here >.< sob

  4. Arghhh I want to go to Japan!
    Such a plethora of falsies, I want! -lemmings-
    They don't sell nice stuff like these here D:
    Look forward to the reviews!

    - Kelly -

  5. @Julie ♥
    I know right, I feel such regret for not getting 'em! T_T
    But I'm flat broke now T_T


  6. @JC ♥
    Yes dear you'll be amazed at their use of space hehe :D
    The hoarder in me just want to collect sets of everything!
    Mmhmm, thanks to Disney I have a lot of idealistic expectations of...a lot of things!


  7. @Lina Kim ♥
    I wanna try them all too >< Dolly Wink is a tad marked up here but not as bad as other countries like Aus, so I've heard T_T


  8. @Kelly ♥
    I knowww right! They don't sell nice stuff like them here either :( *will get to the reviews soons*


  9. I want go to Japaann too!
    Your pikkus is make me drooooolllllls like crazy T_T

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