Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Luminous Change by Itabashi Rumi

Perhaps I had been too quick to dismiss the potential of Luminous Change a while back, so here's reintroducing it and more information for all the people interested, as it seems that a lot of people stumble upon this site while searching for Luminous Change ^^

As mentioned before, Luminous Change Eyelashes (ルミナスチェンジ アイラッシュ) are produced by former Egg model and current Edge Style model Itabashi Rumi (板橋瑠美). Instead of the 9 types available as previously mentioned, there are actually 10 because there's a Limited Edition Donki Exclusive type, 00 Glamorous Rich. Here are clearer and bigger pictures of all the types, and I've translated the lash descriptions for ya'll too

01 Natural Exte Eye

Description: Thin, hair-like strands give the feel of natural extensions.

02 Pure Elegant Eye

Description: Thin, crossed, long-ended type.
Casually emphasizes the corners of the eyes for an elegant finish.

03 Volume Glamorous Eye

Description: Modestly emphasizes the lashes in bunches.
Gives natural round eyes that look like voluminous extensions.

04 Cool Beauty Eye
( クールビューティーEYE)

Description: Sharp bunches and thin, crossed strands give cool and pretty eyes.

05 Natural Volume Eye

Description: Lash volume UP!
Distinct bunches and fine strands give a natural finish.

06 Fluffy Airy Eye

Description: Gives volume to the outer corners of the eyes, for a kind impression.

07 Droopy Feminine Eye

Description: Bunches at the outer corners give volume, making cute droopy eyes.

08 Bright Oval Eye

Description: The volume in the center emphasizes the pupils.
Gives a finish of round eyes.

09 Super-size Eye (Lower Lash)
(デカ盛りEYE (下まつげ))

Description: OK even if you cut them to use as point lashes.
Lower lashes that give you the best big eyes possible.

00 Glamorous Rich Eye

Description: The delicate beauty of the flow and cut of the strands, which have been carefully selected, focuses on giving rich and glamorous eyes.

Okay, so while I'm liking the packaging (pretty floral background! ) I still think they're a tad mehh and lacking in originality in terms of design, but they're 5 in a pack so quite economical for those who like the designs. (3 in a pack for 00 Glamorous Rich, 798yen at Donki)

Does anyone else think that 03 and 07 look VERY similar? I mean I do notice some minute differences in thickness but other than that?^^ But I do like that kind of design, felt like I should've gotten them! o(>_<)o

Anyway, I admit I only got 00 Glamorous Rich because it was Limited Edition hehe. Sucker for that kind of thing. I wouldn't consider the non-clear lash band types (not my style of designs anyway). 08 looks a tad like Diamond Lash Celeb Eye? 06 like Diamond Lash Girly Eye? 04 like Diamond Lash Rich Eye?

They retail at 1,155yen for a pack of 5. Slightly more expensive than Diamond Lash. More widely available I think? Saw them at MatsuKiyo and other random drugstores, not just Donki.


  1. I actually found ur site looking for decolog reviews! Do you mind if you could? :X

    I really appreciate all this Tokyo info, it will be really helpful when I head to japan myself. Plus I also come from the (too) sunny isle of Singapore :D

  2. @ Anonymous

    Hey dear, I've only got decolog's who's Sweet (still regretting not getting who's Rich and who's Dolly!) so I can only give a review for that^^ Will do it soon~

    You'll love Japan, the weather is great (other than summer when it can get even hotter than this sunny isle!) and lots of wonderful and interesting places (:

    ♥ Kris