Monday, June 6, 2011

Tutuanna* & hosiery ♥

The bottom floor of the Tutuanna* Pink Label store in Harajuku's Takeshita Doori.

The top floor is for lingerie and the exterior is entirely pink! The bottom floor houses a cornucopia of hosiery - socks, stockings, leggings, knee socks, footies, leg bands etc! You can't miss this store while strolling down Takeshita Doori!

Totally fell in love with this brand~ ( ´∀` )ノ It has many very wearable, feminine designs and is really affordable. Most items are 3 for 1,050yen unless otherwise stated. The quality is great, and it doesn't hurt that all the items are well-packaged.

Their shopping bag. Cute? (`・ω・´ )☆

I was in a mad rush to buy these on my last day in Tokyo. The first time I went to Takeshita Doori I passed it to go for lunch first, then forgot about going back after lunch T_T And on the last day I had almost no money left, and forgot to ask if I could pay by card as most shops didn't accept cards.

So I only got 6 items - 2 pairs of stockings, 1 pair of footies, 1 pairs of crew socks, 1 pairs of knee socks and a pair of bow leg bands. Tutuanna* is really filled with a lot of wonderful stuff, it's hard to go in and not get anything!

One of the pairs of stockings. In the package it looked black, but it was actually gray (my fault for not checking the labels) but it's actually a pretty color. I love the design!

Footies I had wanted to get more, but no $$$. There were lots of other pretty designs! Anyway I totally love that these are made of lace and have floral prints And the front part is padded at the sole, isn't that great? most of the footies I've seen selling in Singapore aren't padded, and cost more than Tutuanna*.

Knee socks and the bow leg bands.
I wanted to get the knee socks in peach too! They were a nice color.

Feeling major regret not getting more legwear from Tutuanna!! All their hosiery and legwear are majorly pretty, packaged well and are very well-made! Prices are nice too. I had a hard time narrowing my picks to just 6. Sadly the website/online store does not stock all the products, the physical shop has soooo much more. The tutuanna* site is

Got footies and leggings/stockings from the SBY Shibuya 109 store. Bought these before Tutuanna, so this was before I knew such pretty footies existed in Tutuanna, thus they're rather plain in comparison (´Д` )

S-leg leggings/stockings, produced by Masuwaka Tsubasa. I totally had no idea she produced legwear too. I have to admit, that I only spotted these because I saw Tsubasa's face plastered on them.

These were 819yen/pair. These were the only designs I saw in the store. The blue check was the last piece, and the stripey one was available in black/blue and black/yellow as well. The one I got was black/pink.

The blue checked stockings.

They're actually really pretty! The clear part is really just holes, because this pair is made from knit or something. So I'm glad they're holes and not an extra layer of nylon because the knit makes it EXTREMELY warm. Even after 2 minutes my legs were heating up. I don't know if I can take it wearing these in such warm weather.

Mehehe, the day after buying S-leg from SBY, I bought the latest issue of PopSister, and saw this ad amongst the front few pages. Hahaha. Apparently there are crew socks and knee socks as well, but I didn't spot any at SBY 109 or SBY Happy Room (´Д` )

S-leg is sold at Shimamura, online, SBY Shibuya 109, SBY Happy Room (Harajuku in Tokyo and OPA in Osaka). Their website is

Comparing the two brands, I feel that the items from Tutuanna* are more well-made, have nicer designs and are better-priced as well. I liked the packaging more too. S-leg's selling point is probably just Tsubasa's face. But it is relatively new, so we'll just have to wait and see what else they'll come up with (:

Seriously, Singapore does not sell any cute/pretty legwear with quality like these anywhere.


  1. Ooo, the grey stockings look great, such a lovely pattern!
    The knee socks and ribbon look sooo sweet!
    That leg band thing is such a good idea =D
    The S-leg blue stockings look good on you <3
    Japanese legwear is really cute, but I feel it might not look as cute on bigger non-Asian girls =(
    Are their stuff only one size or are there sizes?
    We don't get cute things like this in my area either! =(

  2. @ Lindsie ♥

    I think they'd look cute on anyone! Not just Asians or non-Asians, but tall and short, big-footed and small-footed gals alike. Plus there are lots of designs so you could always find types that suit you (:

    Unfortunately, most of the time there's only one size, usually stated for 22~24 :( For crew socks and stockings it's not too bad. Stockings often have 2 sizes, more according to height that feet size.

    Most of the gals in Japan have feet sizes of 23~24, so anything bigger would be a tad hard. My feet are like 25 I think, so the footies were kind of tight and I'm scared my toenail will tear the pretty lace!

    Ehmm, the girls there kind of have short calves, so even the knee socks were a tad short on me and I had to pull it. When worn, the material's actually supposed to look like in the pic with the bunch I bought, alternating bands of loose-ish and normal, but because I had to pull them up so much to reach that height it ended up with a different look :(

    ♥ Karisa