Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mizukitty x Eyemazing = Sweet Ribbon

Spotted while browsing the Popteen store: a new series of lashes! Popteen model Nishikawa Mizuko (西川瑞希), more known to readers as Mizukitty, teamed up with Eyemazing to produce a series of lashes called Sweet Ribbon~ There are 4 types in the series, which will be released in Japan on 8th June, priced at 1,260yen for a pack of 3pairs.

No. 301 - テッパンみずきてぃeye
Teppan Mizukitty Eye

I like fusion lashes like these; denser and longer on the outer ends IMO this seems the most unique and promising out of the lot. Wanna try these the most!

No. 302 - チョンチョン系 甘タレ目
Chonchon Sweet Droopy Eye (chonchon-kei ama tareme)

Sole pair of lower lashes in the series. Looks really sweet, I wanna try these too~

No. 303 - すっきりナチュデカeye
Clear Natural Big Eye (sukkiri nachu-deka eye)

This looks somewhat like Dolly Wink No.1? But a denser, less feathery version. And one of the EyeLabo designs (can't remember which)

No. 304 - オトナな目尻まつげ
Adult Partial Lashes (otona na mejiri matsuge)

Partial/accent lashes for the corner of the eye. Seems a tad similar to the Takako Style No.11 Celeb Nude which I've got so I probably won't be getting this ^^

Overall the series looks really cute, quite suitable for the sweet/dolly/girly make styles. I'd really want to try out No. 301 and 302~

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