Saturday, June 4, 2011

Diamond Beauty Cream Cheeks + Cream Shadows

These lovelies caught my eye when I was reading the latest issue of Egg...Diamond Beauty Cream Cheeks and Diamond Beauty Cream Shadows! (≧ω≦) Sadly they were released on 1st June, a mere few days after I left so I wasn't able to pick up any...yet!

This summer, Diamond Beauty has come up with cream blushes and cream eyeshadows.
The Cream Shadows retail at 630yen and the Cream Cheeks at 840yen.
They are all Summer Limited Edition products.

First off, the Cream Cheeks クリームチーク, 840yen each.
There are 4 types, 2 pinks and 2 oranges.

Diamond Beauty Cream Cheek in 01 Baby Pink
01 ベビーピンク
Close-up of 01 Baby Pink

Diamond Beauty Cream Cheek in 02 Strawberry Pink
02 ストロベリーピンク
Close-up of 02 Strawberry Pink

Diamond Beauty Cream Cheek in 03 Peach Orange
03 ピーチオレンジ
Close-up of 03 Peach Orange

Diamond Beauty Cream Cheek in 04 Pure Orange
04 ピュアオレンジ
Close-up of 04 Pure Orange

Next, the Cream Shadows クリームシャドウ, 630yen each.
There are also 4 colors available: pink, gold, beige and green.

Diamond Beauty Cream Shadow in 01 Pink Gold
01 ピンクゴールド
Close-up of 01 Pink Gold

Diamond Beauty Cream Shadow in 02 Nudy Gold
02 ヌーディゴールド
Close-up of 02 Nudy Gold

Diamond Beauty Cream Shadow in 03 Brilliant Gold
03 ブリリアントゴールド
Close-up of 03 Brilliant Gold

Diamond Beauty Cream Shadow in 04 Mint Gold
04 ミントゴールド
Close-up of 04 Mint Gold

Don't know about the texture or staying power of these, but I do think they'd be of decent quality seeing how great Diamond Beauty's other products are! The Diamond Blushes and Diamond Lashes are certain great in terms of both quality and economy so I'm sure the Cream Cheeks and Cream Shadows will be too! q(`・ω・´ )p

The colors for all the cream cheeks look promising to me, (really my kind of colors!) and I'd really like to be able to get my hands on them, so I'm gonna start scouring online for sources~!


  1. Ooo, these look nice~
    Cream products, esp blushers, from model-produced/gal cosmetics brands aren't very common yet?
    The colors of the cream cheeks look lovely!

  2. @ Lindsie ♥

    I really want to get my greedy not-so-little hands on them :D

    The only cream product I can think of so far is Dolly Wink Cream shadows? Non-gyaru-produced there's the popular Canmake cream cheeks, which are great too (:

    All the cheek colors look pretty don't they~ ♥

    ♥ Karisa