Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jill Stuart Atomizer ♥

Jill Stuart Night Jewel Mini Atomizer~

Was really debating on whether to get this as I felt that I did not need it, but after staring at pictures of it repeatedly I caved (expected right?). Totally ecstatic that I caved and decided to get it, this is gorgeoussss!

The dearly beloved trademark pretty rhinestone deco appears as a charm on the atomizer, together with a J initial charm. Attached by a clip on top, these can be removed and attached to your phone or anything!

It's just reaallly pretty no?
So sweet and feminine with its luxurious design.
(Though the shininess screams fingerprint city!)

Removing the cap, it's a shiny atomizer~

The bottom can be removed too. Inside is 4ml of Night Jewel EDT. When it runs out, or if you don't like Night Jewel, you can unscrew the bottle and replace it with your favorite scent~

Even comes with a mini funnel to help you pour in your scents!

Prettily packaged in the box

Happy with the recent Jill Stuart love I've been feeling~ I'm off to Tokyo for a couple of days!

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