Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mask Haul from Watsons

Went to the Watsons Members' Preview Sale on 18th May and came back with these darlings~ Mostly masks! 3 boxes of 7 Love More Masks, 1 box of 17 My Beauty Diary masks, 1 box of Hadabisei 28-days pull-out sheet masks, K-Palette eyeliner, Majomajo brow pencils and holder.

My Beauty Diary Alice in Wonderland box set of 15+2!

I love anything with Alice in Wonderland characters~ This was S$22.90. There were three versions available, the difference being the +2. (The 15 are the same) The pink version, which I got, had +2 Arbutin Whitening Masks. The blue version had +2 Hyaluronic Acid Masks, and I forgot what the orange version had. I really am a sucker for pretty packaging^^

Mask Flavors!

1st column: Southern France Apricot Mask, Bulgarian White Rose Mask, Mixed Berries Mask, Black Pearl Mask
2nd column: Bird's Next Mask, Red Wine Mask (packaging says red VINE heehee), Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask, Arbutin Whitening Masks x2
3rd: Sake Yeast Mask, Cooling Mask, Pearl Powder Mask, Strawberry Yogurt Mask
4th: Apple Polyphenol Mask, Aloe Mask, Natto Mask, Q10 Rejuvenating Mask

Love the box, it has cute pink card suit designs bordering the top~

Love More Masks set, purple version!
The packaging is soooo cute, shaped like a bag~ I got 2 of these!

If you're wondering why I was greedy and got 2 boxes, it's because the purple version has the 3D lifting masks, and I adore these! Each mask has 2 sets of ear hooks, and it "masks" your chin and neck too! Feels tight and I think there's the psychological effect that you're lifting the area (: Love using these~

The set contains 7 masks, 1x Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask, 2x Japan Electric Ore Lifting Masks, 2x Scotland Rose Crystal & Tourmaline Moisturizing Masks and 2x Brazil White Crystal & Platinum Whitening.

The pink set.
The box really was made to look like a bag, there's even a handle!

The masks in this set are regular sheet masks.

Also came with 7 masks, designed to look like envelopes/postcards! How cute is that? 1 each of Black Magic Power Lifting Mask, Diamond Super White Mask, Camellia & Tourmaline Whitening Mask, Japan Pearls Firming & Whitening Mask, Alps Spring & Phytoncide Moisturizing Mask, Australia Agar-agar Lifting Mask, Provence Lavender Nighttime Whitening Mask.

Hadabisei 28 days pull-out sheet masks. Was S$10.43 after 30% discount!

Haven't tried these yet but the packaging is pretty neat, sort of like pull-out wet tissues/makeup removing sheets? Except that it's masks! And once you finish using the pack you can always reuse the box to store other pull-out tissues to prevent them from getting squashed in your bag if you carry them (:

You're supposed to use one everyday for 28 days. They call it a toner mask, you're supposed to use it after cleansing and before moisturizer.


  1. So many masks, ive always wondered what theyre meant to do apart from feeling nice

  2. @ Malice ♥

    Generally they just feel good~ (: And hydrate your skin and brighten up your complexion (: The "3D" ones are supposed to "lift" your chin, but I don't know how many times you have to to it to actually notice the "lifting" effect!^^

    ♥ Karisa