Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jill Stuart Dreamy Garden Case ♥

Been waiting for this baby to arrive, and boy was I surprised when I saw the size of the package! Any guesses as to what I was waiting for...?

Yes, it's Jill Stuart again! Yet another item from the Dreamy Garden collection
I really just can't get enough of the pretty bird/flower design!

What's in the package? Tada it's a cosmetic case~

It's actually a GWP with I-don't-know-how-much amount spent in Taiwan, but obviously since I'm not in Taiwan I had to purchase this online. Got it for S$25, which is not a bad price as it's really a very well-made case, which turned out a lot better than I expected it to be!

The case is larger than I thought it would be, measuring roughly 16cm x 17cm x 19cm.
For reference the case that came with the JS 2009 mook was 12cm x 18cm x 9cm.

The Dreamy Garden case is very hard and sturdy, extremely solid and will definitely maintain its boxy shape. The outer material is I think synthetic leather and it's waterproof. The case is well-stitched, material feels great (ie not cheap or flimsy) and I just think it's a really pretty case~

And the Jill Stuart packaging we all know and love wouldn't be the Jill Stuart we all know and love if it didn't have rhinestones~ I was really pleasantly surprised to find rhinestones on the zippers!

No compartments, no mirror, it's just a simple boxy case.
The inside is lined with thick black satin.
There's a ribbon connecting the top and body to prevent the top from flopping backwards.

My Dreamy Garden family Get a feel of the depth and size of the case?

I'm really very happy with this case, it's now the new pride and joy of my very cluttered and full dressing table~If you're loving the Dreamy Garden collection print like I am obsessed with do, check out my reviews and swatches of the Dreamy Garden Jewel Crystal Eyes palettes and Petite Jelly Lip Gloss Trio~

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  1. Omo, the case looks beautifully made! Too bad they don't sell it on its own, I bet lotsa ladies would line up to buy it!