Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jill Stuart Petite Jelly Lip Gloss Trio ♥

Jill Stuart Petite Jelly Lip Gloss Trio

These are special overseas limited edition for Spring 2011, sold only at Jill Stuart counters in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Each tube contains 9.8ml of gloss.

Love the pretty rhinestones on the caps of the glosses!

The 3 colors. My only qualm is that these are squeeze-tube glosses, my lease favorite type of gloss after roller-type glosses. (I like glosses with wands applicators. Brush-types and doefoot-types. But no to spatula-types.)

Left to right: 101 Pretty Tutu, 102 Cherry Whip, 103 Sweet Perfume. The latter 2 are pretty well pigmented.

101 Pretty Tutu. This is really shimmery, it has lots of sparkles. Quite sheer but it's pretty! Love it, it's my 2nd favorite. It's probably not suitable for OLs but the shimmers are really dazzling, they're fine (not big or chunky), reflect light well and make your lips look blingy like liquid diamonds.

102 Cherry Whip. This is a pretty, well-pigmented strawberry pink with fine and subtle shimmer My favorite out of the three! Love the color, and the subtle shimmer gives it an extra oomph and dimension.

103 Sweet Perfume. A pigmented sparkle-free, glitter-free nude color. It's a very normal color to me so it's my least favorite of the lot. It's not that I don't like it, it is quite pigmented and I love the sticky thick texture of Jill Stuart lip glosses. But I mean, since it's Jill Stuart, I'd want something unique. If I want a normal color there are cheaper alternatives which work well like the Canmake Nudy Glow glosses, lots of nude, shimmer-free colors (:

My three babies, I don't think I'll bear to use them! But I'll make myself use them. They shouldn't be left to rot in a corner right? And, I think I'll feel happy whenever I take these out to reapply gloss.

Top view of box. I love the pretty birds/flowers/butterflies motifs

Empty box. Isn't it just soooo pretty?

Even the side has butterfly designs!

Ingredients list (:

I regret not getting the eyeshadow palettes! I though it would be too greedy. But 102 Amazonite Dazzle is really calling out to me now. The color combination is unique in contrast with the typical girlish colors of JS palettes.

Actually, 103 Sparkling Morganite looks like it'll be pretty too. Imma try and see if I can get them online somewhere!

Managed to get my hands on the two palettes, hurray! Review+swatches here (:
Was also lucky enough to score the cosmetic case, review/pictures here~

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