Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Bang's Love Song ♥

I'm really in love with this song even more now ♥♥ since the MV just came out! I love the beginning, where TOP is actually singing instead of just rapping. But that's about the only "singing" part he gets, the rest is rapping. Not that I'm complaining, I love how he raps :D Can't decide whether I like Love Song or Tonight more, both are great!

I admit when I first saw an article on Big Bang in a magazine 5 years ago, Syndrome Nov 2006 issue, (I still have it and get a chuckle whenever I compare the Big Bang now with the them then!), they kind of scared me? (Taeyang's cornrows and eyebrow piercings and GD's haircut^^) That was when they were still doing hiphop-ish kind of songs. And the first of their songs I heard was the cover of Maroon 5's This Love (which I never liked), so I never really fangirl-ed Big Bang until 2007 when they switched genres/started using their own songs.

I mean, I semi-liked La-la-la and Dirty Cash, but the "hip-hoppy" sound wasn't my thing. Anyway, GD is really a madly talented composer! And I really like their fusion electronica style and the unique image they've since created ♥♥ Big Bang FTW!

Though JYJ'll always be my #1 ;) ♥♥

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