Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes ♥

My babies FINALLY arrived! Some inefficiency on Singpost's part (what's new?) but after catching a mailman and calling in a couple of times, I finally got it. The two limited edition Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes palettes from the Dreamy Garden Collection! Sold only in Taiwan and Hong Kong

The packaging is pretty, the usual Jill Stuart pink box, but with added bird and flower motifs, as with the Petite Jelly Lip Gloss Trio from the same collection

Closeup of the design on the box, isn't it lovely?

Even the sides have the design too. Gotta love the folks at Jill Stuart for paying attention to every little aesthetic detail. The two colors were 102 Amazonite Dazzle (which I really loved) and 103 Sparkling Morganite.

This is 102 Amazonite Dazzle. What struck me when I first saw it was that it was a change from the usual Jill Stuart colors of pink/purple/light colors, and was instead a dark green/brown palette. The middle two shades were unique, so I just had to get this palette. Of course the shimmer power was there, with extra power

Swatches of 102 Amazonite Dazzle.
The brown is the least sparkly, with the least amount of glitters, but it's still shimmery. The color beside it is a dark green with a blue tinge, with emerald and gold sparkle bits. I really like this color! Beside it is a mossy gold-green, also prettty! And the white is pretty much your standard sparkly white, nothing really special. Just extra glittery.

This is 103 Sparkling Morganite. Caved in and decided to get it because I like the last two colors of salmon and purple-gray. You can't really see it in the photo, but the gray has blue/dark purple undertones and sparkles, it's pretty. And I really like the salmon shade. These colors have a great amount of sparkly particles.

Swatches of 103 Sparkling Morganite.
The "black" is actually a purple-toned dark grey with purple sparkle bits. The salmon has golden and iridescent sparkle bits. The light frosty pink is nothing special, and neither is the champagne color.

Swatches of both palettes. 102 Amazonite Dazzle and 103 Sparkling Morganite.

There's quite a bit of sparkle fallout and they can be easily wiped off, so an eyeshadow primer is a must unless you want your cheeks to end up sparkly as well^^ But the colors are lovely and so is the packaging, and I really am a sucker for anything pretty and limited edition that Jill Stuart comes out with.

But as for IS very sparkly and there's fallout so it's not spectacular as a functioning eyeshadow palette. But for special occasions or if you're a die-hard Jill Stuart fan, I'd say at least get Amazonite Dazzle for the unique colors~

Even the palette case has the pretty birds and flowers motifs

Was fortunate enough to get my hands on the very lovely Dreamy Garden cosmetic case as well, pictures here!

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  1. So pretty~~~

    Actually at first I thought Amazonite Dazzle would look murky, but the sparkles and glitter make it dazzling =]

    It's really not something that shouts Jill Stuart.