Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Diamond Lash + Liz Lisa Lashes Haul ♥

5 new boxes of lashes~Items arrived quite quickly, went to collect them today. Ahh, I regret not getting more Liz Lisa lashes, they're really really prettily packaged! Shall do a quick description of the pairs I got, can't really review them as I just got them and have yet to don them!

First off, the Liz Lisa lashes! This is the たれ目ドーリーラブLIZ系 lower lashes. I don't know why they're so expensive online everywhere, they're apparently the same price as Dolly Wink: 1260yen. But they look sooo much more gorgeous in their packaging than Dolly Wink; the background has flowers and hearts

I've yet to try them, but they look sooo pretty! Long, soft bottom lashes of gradating thickness I think they'll look really really lovely on :D They remind me a bit of Diamond Lash Feminine Eye, but even more feminine due to extra length and thickness And they look more natural too, due to the varying thickness and the softer texture.

Diamond Lash Girly Eye! ガーリー eye

A natural-looking "fusion" lash. Less dramatic than the kind I love, but I think it'll be good for days I wanna feel "natural" :D I call it a fusion lash cos the front half and the end half look like they're two different types of lashes^^ The front is sparser, shorter, with not much curl. The end is longer, denser and more curled. It's gradated in length towards the end, I like! However the entire length of the lash band is a tad short compared to most gyaru brand lashes.

Diamond Lash Celeb Eye! セレブ eye.

Another fusion lash; the main body is sparse, thin and quite curled. The the extra fusion bit is the center, with thicker, denser strands. I'm guessing this pair would give a look of rounder eyes, with focus above the iris

Diamond Lash Sexy Eye! セクシー eye.

Another fusion lash, the front half is like the front half of Girly Eye, while the end half is like Beauty Eye I think these'll be quite nice, not too dramatic yet not to plain (:

Diamond Lash Cute Eye! キュート eye.

A bottom lash! I think they'll look cute like its names suggests (: I confess I'm loving the kind of bottom lashes like Diamond Lash Feminine Eye/Liz Lisa Tareme Dolly Love LIZ-kei/Dolly Wink Baby Cute, so I haven't really tried other types of bottom lashes. Shall try these and stock up on other types of lower lashes!

Will do EOTDs when I start wearing these babies~


  1. Hi.. Did you order these online? if so which site did you ordered from?

  2. @.::: Princess MOMOY :::. ♥
    Yupp I adore their packaging more than anything hehehe :P

    @becky ♥
    Yupp I did, they were via a spree here. But I don't think there's one ongoing now though.