Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pâtisserie Glacé haul!

Went to Pâtisserie Glacé today to grab a bunch of cakes~ Today I bought 4! Yes I'm greedy^^ I got my favorite Strawberry Soufflé, which I talked about here, Earl Grey Tiramisu Montblanc and Maison. I consumed the Strawberry Soufflé before I took pictures, so none of that! If you want to see pictures, refer to my earlier post on it (:

Mont Blanc! The French word for "white mountain", also the name of the highest mountain in the Alps. This is reaaalllly good! The chestnut cream/paste, (all the strips you see at the top) are really delicious! I don't know why but I guess I just really like nut-flavored creams; almond cream in fraisiers, pistachio cream in macarons, hazelnut cream in Kinder Bueno and chestnut cream in montblancs! The bottom is plain sponge cake, which gives a rather nice balance to the cream. And underneath the cream, in the center of the cake, is half a chestnut (: Mmmhmm, I might be starting to like this more than Strawberry soufflé!

Earl Grey Tiramisu. I love tiramisu, Pâtisserie Glacé actually also has a Green Tea Tiramisu, but I'll try that another day I guess!

Maison. This means "house" in French. I'm guessing it got it's name from its shape, which is like the cross-section of a house. The different levels are different flavors, there's coffee, green tea, chocolate and vanilla. To me the flavors were kind of too much for one cake, and the textures didn't really compliment each other so mehh, I did not really like this.

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