Saturday, May 7, 2011

Liz Lisa Bottom Lash x Diamond Lash Sexy, Celeb, Girly Lashes

A few days back, I got my haul of Diamond Lash lashes and a Liz Lisa bottom lash. I've been wearing them out these past few days, so this'll be a post on how they look! Diamond Lash Sexy Eye, Celeb Eye and Girly Eye. I'm using the Liz Lisa たれ目ドーリーラブLIZ系 lower lashes in all of the photos. If you wanna see photos of how Diamond Lash Beauty Eye looks, go to my previous post on it here.

First off it Diamond Lash Sexy Eye. This is part of the Volume Series, which came out in late 2010. As mentioned before, it's a fusion lash, with the outer half and inner half of different styles. The outer half is like Beauty Eye from the Pure Series. The inner half is like Fairy Eye from the 1st series.

I realllly LOVE these. I love how they look on, especially how the outer ends are thick and dense These are also a LOT softer/less stiff than Beauty Eye. I really like these and would definitely repurchase/at least get a back up box. But one box will last a very long time since it has 5 pairs, and a single pair can go a long way! For me, with daily wearing a pair lasts at least 2 months if well-taken care of (:

Next is Diamond Lash Celeb Eye. These are also part of the Volume Series. The strands are very long and thin, even the denser part in the middle did not end up looking as dense when worn, as I had originally thought it would.

These aren't dense/thick at the outer ends like Sexy Eye, so I guess they look more natural, especially in the closed-eye picture. However for the open eye ones, I think the eyeliner spoils the look ^^ And there's that strand in the inner corner that's unnaturally long! These are extremely soft, so I take great precaution when removing them for fear that they might break or come off the band. I probably won't repurchase these. The strands are too thin, and they're too long in the inner ends. I like lashes with gradated length, shorter on the inner end and longer on the outer end, these are longest in the middle.

Finally, the last type of upper lash I got was the Diamond Lash Girly Eye, which is part of the Pure Series, also released late last year.

These are a lost shorter in terms of both length and width than the lashes I'm used to and like, but I do think they look very natural. However I really don't like that the inner ends are reaally short and straight, almost no curl! But out of all 3 this does give the most natural look as it's the least dramatic, shortest and least curled. It IS dense so plus points for that! I admit I would like them more if only they were a tad longer^^ So I may or may not repurchase these, but anyway one box comes with 5 pairs which will reaaally last a very long time. One pair can last at for least 2 months! Lots of time to reconsider.

Out of the three, my favorite is obviously Sexy Eye ^^ I think I'm starting to like it more than Beauty Eye. And needless to say I'm reaally loving the Liz Lisa bottom lashes~

This is the Liz Lisa たれ目ドーリーラブLIZ系 lower lash in the box. It's fast becoming my new favorite bottom lash! The thickness is gradated with the outer ends being thicker, denser, and having more crosses than the inner ends, and it looks quite natural

Out of my haul, I've yet to try Diamond Lash Cute Eye from the Volume Series. It is a full strip type of bottom lash, and the lash band is considerably thick despite being clear. I think I'll end up cutting it into portions like I do with Feminine Eye. I really don't like full strip bottom lashes, but the Liz Lisa one is an exception!


  1. wow, girly eye looks darn pretty, looks uber natural and non-dramatic. sexy eye is gorgeous! i like how the ends look and the emphasis the thickness gives =] how much did you get them for?

    the liz lisa lower lashes really look very natural! the look long and thick enough, yet not too overboard and crazy like typical lower lashes many gals wear =]

  2. @ trina ♥

    I got them for S$21 per box. Which is actually still kind of pricey as these retail for 1050yen, ~S$16.20 with ccurrent exchange rate. Or less when there are discounts^^

    Yupp, that's why I'm realllly loving the Liz Lisa lashes~ ♥ I got these for S$32...they retail for 1260yen (S$19.40), the same price as Dolly Wink. So I intend to stock up on these when I go to Tokyo^^

    ♥ Kris

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