Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lashes ♥

I love lashes~ If I had to go out with only one thing it'd have to be lashes. (Sunblock isn't counted cos that's basic protection against harmful UV rays!) Towards the end you'll notice I have a great preference for falsies that give volume or those that are usually longer/denser at the ends. I mean, whether you wear "natural-looking" falsies or "volumizing" falsies, people can still tell you're wearing falsies, so might as well go for the one with a better effect right? And by effect I don't mean colorful feathers or diamantes or neon green strands! For me the better effect is volumizing :D

I like lashes with transparent lash bones, if they're not transparent they should at least be thin and flexible, not thick or stiff. And I don't like lashes that look too stiff or "plastic-ish". So yeah, just to let you know, those are my biases!

I had really been waiting for Dolly Wink to come to Singapore, so when it first did (Jan 2010) I grabbed a bunch. As they only brought in limited stocks, once they run out at Watson's you don't know when they'll start selling again :( They restock every 3~6 months? Right now there's no stock in any Watsons.

Dolly Wink #1 - Dolly Sweet (left) was my favorite for a long time ^^ (The one on the right is #5 Real Nude) I liked #2 Sweet Girly too, but in the end I still preferred the ends of #1, as they're denser than #2. So far, since Jan 2010, I've used/bought 6 boxes of #1, 2 boxes of #2 and 1 box of #5.

Close up of Dolly Wink #1 - Dolly Sweet. The lashes are soft and fluttery, extremely lightweight so when you wear them you hardly notice them on at all. They are quite long for me so most of the time I cut off a bit of the inner corner. Lately I've been using the cut off bits as lower lashes.

Then Diamond Lash came out with Beauty Eye in August 2010 (: It became my new favorite~ It's 5 pairs for a price that's less than 2 pairs of Dolly Wink! (5 for 1050yen vs 2 for 1260yen) Anyway, Diamond Lash isn't available in Singapore and no idea if they'll ever bring it in :( Bought mine for SGD$26 a few months ago? It was the lowest price I could find then but it's still quite expensive considering it's only 1050yen!!

Up till recently all the sprees I've seen for it mark up the prices extremely high (like SGD$30+) so I never bothered getting them. But then again I haven't been actively looking. Anyway now I know how to make my lashes last longer, so this'll probably last me awhile!

Got this from Girllashes, "Professional 727". It was SGD$12.90 for a box of 10 pairs. Made with real hair I believe?

This is Princess 8, bought it for SGD$13.90 from Girllashes. On it's own its quite natural (to me! People who are really into natural-looking lashes might still find it a bit long?) However I like thick dark lashes so just this makes me think "too light/not dense enough" ^^. So I've been layering it with Dolly Wink #1. The band may not be transparent but it's really really soft and flexible so you hardly notice it's there! And I like the criss-cross pattern of these

Etude House lashes. I lost one side of Secret Long before I even got to wear it out. Dropped it somewhere on the floor when I was trying it out at home, and could never find it! Recently I've been layering Side Long (the one on the right) with Diamond Lash Beauty Eye, it's super long and fans out at the side, a bit dramatic to some but I love it

Diamond Lash Feminine Eye bottom lashes I don't like using bottom lashes in whole strips so I cut these into 4 parts. Usually at the outer corners I'd use a different type of bottom lash. Right now I like using a portion I cut of from Dolly Wink #1's inner corners, flipping it and using it as a lower lash.

It's reminiscent of Dolly Wink #6 Baby Cute, but more pairs per box. I really like the effect of this, makes you look like you have thicker/denser lower lashes. I don't really want longer lashes for my lower lashes.

Comparison of Dolly Wink #1 and Diamond Lash Beauty Eye. Dolly Wink is longer and has a softer fluttery-er feel, Diamond Lash is denser and more curled and holds its shape more.

Comparison of Dolly Wink #1 and Dolly Wink #1 layered with Princess 8.

Comparison (from top to bottom) of Diamond Lash Beauty Eye + Etude House Side Long, Dolly Wink #1, Dolly Wink #1 + Princess 8 and Diamond Lash Beauty Eye.

Various EOTDs. I took these mostly when I was wearing the DW #1+Princess 8 or DL Beauty Eye. I never really took EOTDs when I was using just Dolly Wink, so don't really have any closeups ^^

I don't know if you can see the length/winged effect of Beauty Eye layered with Etude House Side Long, but I really really really like how it ends! I don't really have a close up pic (I cropped this from a whole head shot) b ut it's quite long. Makes your eyes look wider (length-wise)/longer I think ^^

Boxes of lashes from VOV #48 (10pairs/box) and Preciosa BK-316 (12pairs/box) (Is it a Thai brand? Cos I bought it in Bangkok and it's got Thai words on it, but it's made in Indonesia.)

VOV #48, got these from Gmarket at 24,900won for 10 pairs.. However found that's they're too thin-stranded for my liking! And the lash band is quite thick for my liking, it's even visible a lot thicker that the lashes!

This was supposed to be a replacement for Dolly Wink #1 as I was running out of usable pairs! However the lash band is not transparent (unlike Dolly Wink) so this wasn't very comfortable. And the quality isn't very good, even after taking care the whole lash goes out of shape after 1~2 uses :(

I was running out of Dolly Wink #1 and was desperate to find a dupe. At that time I didn't know how to maximize the usage of my lashes/didn't take very good care of them so I could only use each Dolly Wink pair for up to 2 weeks. However now I've been using the Dolly Wink #1 + Princess 8 layered pair for over 3 months and it's still quite intact so yay. And I've been using a DL Beauty Eye for a month? and it's still quite intact too so yay.

These are only some of the ones I regularly use. I have a bunch I don't use/don't think I'll ever use now that I've found my regulars ^^ I really really like Diamond Lash, it's economical; good quality; soft, transparent; flexible lash bones which makes application a breeze; large variety of unique designs; including lots of volumizing styles! What more can you ask for?

I'm planning to get these next! Diamond Lash Sexy Eye, Celeb Eye, Girly Eye and Baby Eye. Actually I'd like to get more (Fairy Eye, Dolly Eye, Cute Eye, Model Eye, Cat's Eye) but I shouldn't be greedy.

Even though I'd like to get backups of Beauty Eye and Feminine Eye, I shalln't! I really really like Feminine Eye, but I should try out other bottom lashes too!

Hurray I got the lashes~ Go here for my review of Diamond Lash Sexy Eye, Celeb Eye, Girly Eye and Liz Lisa lower lashes (:


  1. Beauty Eye looks good! Esp the 2nd row 1st pic. Feminine eye looks not bad either, seems like it gives volume? IDK the effect's quite nice.

    Your eye color in the centre pic, so deep? (dunno how to say) and clear. What lens is it? EOS?

  2. Oh yahh, and seems like there's a problem with PhotoBucket/your bg, it's just tiles saying "We're doing a little work right now. Your image will be back soon." A few hours ago it ago it was alrdy like that. Just to let you know!

  3. @ Louisa ♥

    Yupp, I really love Feminine Eye ♥

    I don't use circle/color lenses, never tried. After using clear lenses for 6 years, I got one bad infection and became more wary? I tried FreshKon colored lenses once, a few years after the infection, but my eyes whites turned red once I put them in :/ Though I know circle lenses'll make photos look nicer, I don't dare to wear any non-clear lenses ^^

    The color is probably the sunlight reflecting in my eye, took the picture near a window in the library (:

    Mehh, photobucket's still doing maintenance, if it's not back by tomorrow Imma change photo hosts ^^

    ♥ Kris

  4. Oh I see, no wonder, the whole middle column kinda has that effect! Eyes are v impt. Tried G&G, pain! Geo okay. EOS is quite comfy! But they all tear quite easily compared to clear lenses.