Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Basilico at the Regent

I love Italian food, it's one of my favorite cuisines other than Japanese. (For pastries and patisseries I like French. Yum yum macarons and fraisier! ) One of my favorite Italian foods is ham; prosciutto to be precise. Or to be even more precise, Prosciutto di Parma and Prosciutto di San Daniele!

We had it almost everyday for the 10 days we were in Italy last year. You can view mouth-watering delights, not just ham, in my post on what we pigged out on in Italy/France/Spain here! It was only 1,50euros per 100g there, but in Singapore it's S$9+ per 100g, so needless to say my dosage of ham has been non-existent for the past 8 months.

So the other day my friend and I, craving Italian food, decided to try out Basilico, an Italian buffet restaurant at The Regent. Mwahahaha, of course my first plate was hammmm!

I don't know how they ever thought of it, (though I'm glad they did) but melon tastes really good with ham! To be honest, I was a tad disappointed with the ham, especially the prosciutto (the one all the way on the top of the pic, beside the tip of the melon). It wasn't sliced very thinly and the color is so light? To me darker/redder prosciutto=yummier prosciutto ^^ I don't know why but it seems true to far! But the salami was not bad. The melon was uber delicious, extremely fresh and moist. I think I enjoyed it more than the ham.

See this? This was the 1,50euro per 100g prosciutto we bought from a random supermarket in Rome last summer. It was soooo so good! So red, so thinly sliced, so soft, and sooo delectable. From then on until we left Italy(even in France) we bought ham every time we went to the grocery.

Some anti-pasti. The prawns were goood! And so was the truffle paste and truffle honey and ohh the selection of cheeses and breads. Alright, I ended up not taking many photos because I was more focused on devouring them! There were huge tubs and balls of cheeses, and honey in all sorts of flavors. Scallops, mussels, different types of olives, smoked salmon, tuna carpaccio, can't really remember!

Some of their cooked selections. Lots of different types of pasta and lots of grilled meat. They also served a variety of pizza. Grilled beef

Gnocchi in saffron!

I love gnocchi because it's chewy and has that gnocchi taste, but for some reason my friends don't like it! I ordered it when were in Venice, Gnocchi in Gorgonzola cheese sauce. The first thing they said when they saw it was that it looked like maggots. But it's good! I like chewy noodles, like udon and banmian

Squid ink pasta.

Orange zabaglione. With a raspberry.

Gelato! But the raspberry sorbet was reaaally sour. The vanilla was not bad though. The passionfruit sorbet was quite sour too.

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