Saturday, February 5, 2011

Summer of food! ♥

Warning: pic heavy, mostly of food. Staying too close to the screen might result in drooling.

First meal in Roma - pizza with really huge salami slices!

And salmon pasta too~

My dinner that day, calzone.
This was reallllly great! The mushroom and the cheese and the ham. Ohhh the ham. I love Italian funghi. Sadly ALL the subsequent places we went to in Italy (Roma, Firenze, Venezia) did not serve calzone, why oh whyyy?!?

Prosciutto ham! 200g for 3euros. We bought 400g (prosciutto + salami + pancetta) the first day...for 2 people...which we finished quickly! Subsequently everytime we went to a grocery store we bought ham...And we started looking like it by the end of the trip ^^

Picnic the next day with the ham and some salad. Near the Galleria Nazionale D'arte Moderna.

Italian funghi is just really yummy? I don't know why but they just use a different type of mushroom than the ones in Singapore and it tastes sooo much better?

Tomatoes in the grocery!

Pizza with funghi and salami at some place near the Vatican.

Mmmm, roast beef at the same place.

Pork chop in Roma! Lunch after walking for ages.

Prosciutto and funghi pizza from the same place! This is what I had.

Salmon pasta at the same place.

Mushroom pasta at some place in Firenze! (What I ordered)

Spinach ravioli at the same place!

Can't-remember-what that my friend ordered.

Ice cold lemon granita to cool down after climbing 463 steps to the top of the Duomo in Firenze! It was sooo hot in summer! 36 degrees?

The Duomo. Climbed to the top of the big dome, 463 steps! Mind you the stairways were windy, narrow, and uneven, with no rest stops, you just have to keep climbing and climbing. It's not renovated and it's filled with people so you can't just stop if you're tired or you'll hold up the line...

View from the top! Very preeettty ♥

Salami and boar meat from a grocery in Firenze. We had ham almost everyday!

Octopus carpaccio in Venice! ♥
Octopi and other cephalopods like squid and cuttlefish became our staple for Spain hehehe.
We ate lots of it!

Calamari+assorted seafood.

A meringue store in Venice!

Tortellini at a cafe in Venice.

Squid ink pasta from the same place.

Mushroom linguine.


Yummy pasta from a place near the Jardin Exotique in Monaco! ♥

And being in Monaco we just had to get some Laduree! Rose, vanilla, coconut and chocolate. They're sooo good, the best macarons ever You can't not love these! The texture and flavor is fantastic. Soft, moist and a lot of flavor. But pricey at 7,50Euros for 4pcs.

Nicoise salad from a place in Marseille.

Baby squid + rice dish from the same place.

Snails from the same place. Hurhur I can't appreciate these.


Squid salad

Fresh oysters

My paella from Marseille~ I love paella, we ended up having lots in Spain.

Fish bouillabaisse.

Salmon and rice?

Pasta with salmon.

Lemon tart.


Breakfast buffet at our hotel Barcelona, love the Spanish omelette

Nachos from Cantina Mariachi (a Mexican-themed chain of restaurants) in Barcelona.
We saw branches in Valencia as well ^^

Strawberry margharita from Cantina Mariachi.

Yarda, beer+tequila. Cantina Mariachi.

Dessert set from Cantina Mariachi.

Tapas one night in Barcelona.
Calamari rings and chipirones (baby squid).
We also had Spanish omelette and gambas.

Pulpo a la Gallega! (Octopus with paprika and potatoes)

Fried little fish.


More Pulpo a la Gallega in Valencia

Chipirones a la Andalucia

Fideua (noodle version of paella)

My Paelle Valenciana...which came with snails.

Close up of a snail! FYI I gave them all away ^^

Can't-remember-what in Valencia!

Spelling out David Villa with remaining bits of tomato.
We were in Spain during the World Cup 2010 finals, which they won!

Chicken fingers and fries in Ibiza

Toast with eggs and bacon at the same place.

Fresh fruit salad from the same place.

Tequila sunrise at some place further down the stretch of eateries along the beach.

Strawberry caipiroska from the same place.

Mojito. The sun sets at 1030pm cos it was summer!

"Yakisoba" at the same place...which totally wasn't yakisoba! It was just salty noodles with soya sauce. Well, guess you can't really expect authentic Japanese food from beachside eatery in Ibiza hahaha.

Calamari rings.

Sepia a la Andalucia! (cuttlefish in garlic sauce)
This was extremely delicious, I could eat it every day!

Arroz negro (squid ink rice) in Madrid.

Portion was big so leftovers were played with to spell Villa again!

Playing with Haribo gummy worms...
Pieced different colors together to make a "Spanish" Haribo!

And an Italian one!

We stopped over in Bangkok, so yummy Thai food too!

Ikayaki! (grilled squid)

Yummy beef rice noodles

Coffee and tea at Black Canyon Coffee near Platinum...or was it Pratunam?

More yummy noodles

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