Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JYJ Music Essay! ♥

Guess what came in the mail today~? (Clue: Read the label!)

The other side of the package. Neatly wrapped.

Tada~! Yupp, it's the JYJ Music Essay: Their Rooms! Comes in a clear plastic box. I've been waiting for it for aaaages! Pre-ordered it on 11th Jan. It was supposed to be released on 17th Jan, but the release got delayed by a week to 24th Jan. Anyway, I received it today

The back side. This picture is actually on a sheet/card that's separate from the book/diary itself ^^ So no, this is not the picture at the back of the diary. The back of the diary is brown, like the front. No pictures of the boys on the front or hind covers! So it looks like a regular diary from the outside, but on the inside... The bottom right corner says it's 27,000won, but on Gmarket it was selling for 24,300won.

The book and the 4 bookmarks! There's a bookmark for each of the members + one group bookmark. The back side of each bookmark's a to-do list. So the book's basically a diary/planner, with yearly/monthly/weekly pages, with pictures of and essays by the boys scattered here and there. The first third of the book is Jaejoong, the second third is Yuchun, and the last third is Junsu. Starting from the front, the first 10 pages are group pictures, followed by the yearly calendar plan, then a couples of pages for goals and purposes for the year. Then comes 10 pages or so of essays/words by JJ, followed by 4 months worth (month+weekly) of planner pages with pics of JJ. Then 10 pages of Micky's essays/words, followed by 4 months with his pics, then 10 pages of JS's writings, then 4 months worth of pages with JS's pics.

Example of a JJ pic The pictures are basically of them in rooms/houses? Sitting, standing, reading, relaxing, with pets, with coffee, with a bed :D Sometimes there are words accompanying the pictures, in English, in Korean or a mix of both. Some of them are quotes from their Twitter.

A Micky pic~ The beginning of each member's section starts with a page like this, Essay written by xxx. Then pages of essays they write, or lyrics of the songs they wrote for the album. The essay section has concert pics.

A Junsu pic! See the Saturday/Sunday? The pictures are really randomly scattered so there's no fixed format or size of picture. But they're on every page hehe.

So all the way at the end of the book is the CD! Plus a lyric booklet. The CD is tucked in an envelope stuck to the back of the book, along with the lyric booklet.

The credit section of the lyric sheet. See the names for the PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, ALL LYRICS & COMPOSED BY, and ARRANGED BY portions? 김재중 , 박유천 , 김준수 Makes me feel so happy seeing that~

Lyrics for one of the songs, Pierrot. Written and composed by Jaejoong I loved this song the moment I heard the Seoul Concert version. I love the melody and the lyrics. Even the name Pierrot is meaningful. However I think the concert version sounds nicer, the CD version has too much music? The noise is a tad overpowering. For the concert version, the vocals are the focus so it sounds nicer IMO Anyway, the boys always sound better live

Oh and I like Mission too, it's catchy! Mission's composed by Junsu and lyrics by Zuno, his twin! And Nine is a slower song that's lovely as well, written and composed by Jaejoong. Fallen Leaves is a slow, pretty ballad, love it too, written and composed by Junsu. IDS is upbeat, it was my 2nd fave after hearing the concert version, but again the concert version sounded better to me. Written and composed by Jaejoong. Nameless Song Part 1 is written and composed by Yuchun, it's the only song that's new to me cos I don't think it was sang at the Seoul Concert?

But anyway, basically all the songs are nice ^^ And all of them were written, composed and arranged by the boys so it just makes it so much more meaningful when you listen to them, knowing that the boys are singing something they personally wrote and composed

The empty box. The card, which at the back of the is picture of JYJ shown all the way at the beginning of this post.

So yeah, I'm uber happy to finally have this in my hands! I don't know if I'll bear to use it, but on the other hand, I think I'll be so happy using it, because you use/update/check your planner often right? And wouldn't it make you happy seeing the boy's faces all those times you check your planner? :P But I've got like 4 or 5 other unused diaries ^^ Which oh which to use?


  1. I just got mine...but at an exorbitantly marked up price from Yesasia. Which seller did you buy it from?

  2. @ Sherry ♥

    I got it from the seller 위즈덤하우스

    However I'm not sure if the seller ship overseas anymore. But there're lots of other sellers selling on Gmarket, all around the same price too ^^

    Hope that helps!

    ♥ Kris

  3. hello. just want to ask if you are living in korea upto now..
    i want to collect some iaries too esp. kim dong wan :))

    1. Hi, I'm not living in Korea, I've never lived in Korea^^