Friday, January 28, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner Set ♥

Tada~!! Guess who's the newest member of my UD family...

It's the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils Set! You've probably already seen them but they were just released 10am yesterday at Sephora ION Orchard (Once I found out I made myself brave a 39C fever to get them. But I ended up missing the station by one stop and having to get off and take the train in the other direction, so I got mine at 10:15am haha)

They're USD$92 (~SGD120 at the current exchange rate), but at the Sephora stores in Singapore they retail for SGD160. Individually each pencil retails for SGD30 here, so that's like getting 15 liners for the price of 5.3! Or ~SGD10 per liner!

To commemorate their 15th anniversary (they started out in 1996), Urban Decay released a set of 15 eyeliners. Comes with a sharpener (retails here for SGD15) in a pretty ~20cm x 25cm x 4cm box. Each liner has its own "bed" in the black tray inside the box, meaning that they stay put in place even when you hold the box upside down, not like a tray of pencils where the pencils will roll if there's empty space.

So the 15 full-sized 24/7 Glide-on eye pencils come in (left to right): Stray Dog, Corrupt, Bourbon, Midnight Cowboy, Baked, Stash, Mildew, Perversion, Electric, Binge, Ransom, Asphyxia, Rockstar, Zero and Uzi.

For the anniversary set, the pencils have UD15 in Gothic font printed on the side, pretty~

The caps are also have a shiny finish, compared with a normal edition cap that doesn't.

So here's the set opened, and the little tin at the top is my current bunch of UD liners.

I have used up two Bourbons, I used them for my everyday liner the past 2 years because I preferred brown over black liner. I've sharpened them till they can't be sharpened any more :( Now with this set I have a new full-sized Bourbon to start with again! But I like black liners now so there's also the ultra-gorgeous, ultra-black Perversion~

Comparing the length of my greatly used up Bourbons with the untouched one from the set (:

I swatched the colors I already had plus the colors in the set for a gradient of all the colors I now have ^^ Above: swatches of all the colors without flash.

Swatches of all with flash. My room's lighting is really bad, so everything looks blahhnd without flash. They show up better with flash.

    Whiskey: Came as one end of the double-ended liner included in the UD Naked Palette. It's a matte brown with no shimmers. Like Bourbon without the shimmer, or a brown version of Perversion. (Not part of set)
    Perversion: Matte carbon black. A very black black. Love it! It's quite a bit blacker/darker than Zero. (New shade)
    Zero: Black liner. This color is featured in almost every set, it's like your basic black liner, I have 4 of these ^^
    Uzi: Dark metallic grey. (New shade)
    Yeyo: Metallic white. I used to use this mainly for inner corners of the eyes and for highlighting the nose/cheeks. Just draw on a bit and smudge/blend with fingers. (Not part of set)
    Stray Dog: Taupey gray. (New shade)
    Corrupt: A dark chocolate brown with gold flecks. (New shade)
    Bourbon: A warm reddish brown with gold flecks. Love it so much I've used up 2, well 1.5 since 1 was full-sized and the other was half sized

    Midnight Cowboy: Pearly beige/light gold, good for inner corners of eyes. Love this! Because it's subtler, so it has a nicer effect than using a white shimmer shade like Yeyo (: (New shade)
    Baked: Bright metallic gold.
    Lucky: Bright metallic copper. (Not part of set)
    Stash: Dark greenish gold, really pretty.
    Mildew: Metallic forest green.
    Covet: Bright peacock green. (Not part of set)

    Electric: Bright cyan blue, kinda makes me think of Alice in Wonderland's frock.
    Binge: Navy blue with silver flecks.
    Ransom: Bright iridescent purple with tiny blue flecks.
    Lust: Dark blueish violet with silver flecks. (Not part of set)
    Asphyxia: Bright pink/purple, with iridescent flecks, pretty! (New shade)
    1999: Reddish purple with gold sheen, pretty! I love this! But err I couldn't get much out on my hand cos it was already really short, like the 2 Bourbons! (Not part of set)
    Rockstar: Metallic dark maroon.

All in all, I LOVEEE this set! I love UD liners, they have a really nice finish and they don't smudge. They're long-lasting and they go on like a dream - smooth and creamy application each and every time. They're not chalky and they don't irritate the eyes. If only they'd release pink shades or different lighter shades like Midnight Cowboy...


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