Monday, May 9, 2011

Making kimbap/sushi

Made kimbap the other day, it's super easy and fun. It's like the Korean version of sushi, just that the ingredients make the different I guess? Basic ingredients are seaweed sheet and sushi rice. Stuff whatever you'd like as the filling, and roll away! Having a sheet of cling film on the bamboo mat roller makes it easier, so that the ingredients won't stick to the mat.

First roll made, sliced into fat little pieces.

Attempt at artistic presentation (:

The first roll was the simplest, with smallest diameter too. Some radish, cucumber, sausage, egg, a few strands of carrot...And as more rolls were made, the filling gradually increased exponentially ^^

Tried to squeeze and manipulate the roll so as to make heart-shaped kimbap, semi-success~ Yours truly is an artist :D

Another artistic attempt, heart-shaped kimbap in a circle, see the star in the middle!

More artistic attempt...And towards the last roll, became more generous with the fillings/ingredients. Coupled with decreasing quantities of rice, this resulted in very fat kimbap stuffed to the brim with filling^^ This was the second last roll made, it wasn't as bad as the very last, which was really almost all filling, very little rice, but oh-so-delicious and a joy to eat!

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