Sunday, April 28, 2013

AMOYAMO x Eyemazing

Kind of like part two of the Eyemazing x Zipper collaboration line, Eyemazing's latest collaboration looks exciting! Released in February, the collection is called Eyemazing x AMOYAMO, and the lashes are produced by Zipper models AMO and AYAMO. 

The two Zipper models teamed up with Eyemazing to produce 5 types of lashes each, for a total of 10 types. Since sometime last year Eyemazing upgraded to provide 5 pairs per pack instead of 3, so these retail in packs of 5 pairs, at 1,260yen per pack.

No surprises that I love the AMO collection! All the lashes are light brown, ranging from pink brown to olive brown with mixes and hints of accent colors. No. 811-815 are produced by AMO, and they have such sweet, adorable names inspired by tea-time snacks (except Poison Sugar?!?) that kind of remind me of Alice in Wonderland! And the packaging is colorful and pastel~ ♥
Color: Pink brown
The longest strands are 15mm long.
Description: Natural bunches at the outer corners for a sweet lolita look.

Color: Pink brown
These are partial lash version of No. 811, longest strands are also 15mm.
Description: As sweet as strawberry tea, for a gentle look. Recommended for first-time users of brown lashes, the half-design makes them easy to adjust to.

Color: Pink brown x Antique beige
Description: Sweet and clear, for eyes brimming with a young girl's innocence.

Color: Olive brown x Olive gold
Description: A look that's tender but not too sweet; for ephemeral eyes that look like they're about to melt.

Color: Olive brown x Olive gold, with lavender accents at the outer corners.
Description: A sweet and tender look, lavender accents give eyes like Alice.

The AYAMO collection, no. 816-820, features edgier black and dark brown lashes, with names are inspired by dressing styles. To be honest the first two seem kind of common, though the last three seem promising~
 No. 816 - PUNK
Color: Night black
Description: Voluminous, bold outer corners for a strong cat's eye.

 No. 817 - POP ROCK
Color: Night black
Description: Random bunches to easily blend with your own lashes, for a big-eye effect.

Color: Wood brown
Description: In a wood brown color that complements your skin, for a casual look.

 No. 819 - STREET
Color: Sunset brown
Description: Voluminous orange brown lashes for active and cool eyes.

No. 820 - ROCABILLY 
Color: Vintage brown with cherry red accents at the corners.
Description: Cherry red outer corner accents make an impact.

I really loved AMO's 801 and 802 from the previous Zipper collection, and all her lashes from this range look wonderful too! I love brown lashes, they're hard to find but really look amazing ♥ Sometimes thick black lashes can look too harsh (^^) 


  1. i've buy AMO's lash replica...and i love the brown color, is more natural, perfcet for a dolly style^^

  2. kyahh~~ Everything looks so pretty!!
    I loooove Amo, she's my fave Zipper model! <3 <3

  3. Amazing lashes, this series is soooo pretty!!! =]