Friday, April 26, 2013

WISHTrend + ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream Review

Just got the ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream from WISHTrend~♬ Yepp that's right, move over BB cream, now comes the CC cream craze! After an over-saturation of BB creams in the market, many Korean cosmetics companies have moved on to coming up with their version of CC creams (Etude House, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Banila Co, to name a few). Even Western brands have some too! (Lancome, Chanel, smashbox, Clinique, etc). I personally don't think CC cream is a substitute for BB cream, but instead it's a complement to BB cream, you'll see why later. First, I'll introduce WISHTrend, and you can watch their super easy-to-understand video introducing CC creams vs BB creams!

If you've read one of my Gmarket Tips from a looong time ago, local Korean cosmetics brands are divided into several categories like roadshow, word-of-mouth, brands under larger companies etc. is an online portal selling Korean cosmetics, stocking mostly word-of-mouth brands like ElishaCoy, Skin79, Tosowoong, Skinsmo, Ciracle, etc; and Korean makeup artist-produced brands like Liz K and Seo Su Jin Palette. Basically, brands that are difficult to get outside of Korea.

Some of the brands available on WISHTrend.

Their mission is to "Help you become more beautiful.Believing that all women desire to be better and more beautiful, WISHTrend aims to be a place where you can find the best solution for being a better you. Though located in Gangnam, Seoul, WISHtrend ships worldwide and provides free shipping with orders over US$70. Though they're a Korean company, the site's entirely in English! They give freebies/samples with every order, right now they're offering a USD3 voucher to all new and existing users, just use the code "RFXLSCOZ" at checkout (minimum USD20 order).

Not just another store, WISHTrend also has a YouTube channel (WISHTrendTV), where they regularly upload videos featuring Korean cosmetic trends. Best of all, their videos are in English~ Check out their introduction to/ comparison of  CC creams from Banila Co, Tonly Moly and ElishaCoy:
The current host, Tay, is such a joy to watch~! ♥
The previous host, Liah, was adorable too ♡

Anyway, onto the ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream review. A noticeable difference in CC cream is that while BB cream is skin-colored, CC cream is usually white. But the micro-encapsulated color spheres in the white CC cream are activated by the warmth of your skin to change and blend into your skin naturally.

Another main difference is that BB creams offer coverage, building on the concept of foundation with skincare benefits; whereas CC creams focus more on the skincare benefits part, like hydration/ moisturization. Hence, most CC creams offer minimal coverage.

Description and benefits of the CC cream.
The ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream has a 10-in-1 formula that claims to have the functions of:
★ Whitening
★ Anti-wrinkle
★ UV Protection
★ Hydration
★ Correcting skin texture
★ Correcting skin tone
★ Covering imperfections
★ Long-lasting
★ Excellent application
★ Making skin look instantly refreshed

Consistency test: It's quite runny, not very thick, and extremely easy to spread.

Left to right: [1] Out of tube, [2] Spread, [3] Blended.
As you can see, it totally matches my skin tone after blending, and has a soft sheen. It's also very moisturizing and hydrating, so if you're gonna be in an air-conditioned place most of the day, this is great. However it  might be too rich if you're not, especially since Singapore's humid weather is such a bane...T_T The CC cream provides SPF30 PA++ sun protection, which is fairly decent, though I would still use sunscreen with higher SPF/ PA.

When I wiped the back of my hand with a tissue, the product that got wiped of was skin-colored. So you can see that within just a matter of seconds, the color of the CC cream changed from white to a color that totally matched my skin.

For me, this CC cream works great as a base/primer, and with BB cream over it the BB cream applies smoother and lasts longer, for a more flawless finish. I wouldn't use the CC cream on its own, because it has very little coverage, and I need coverage for redness...Overall, I think the ElishaCoy CC cream is good as a primer/base/moisturizer, but is definitely not a substitute for BB cream unless you have really good, even-toned skin or don't require coverage.

This is the first CC cream I've tried, so I've got nothing to compare it with at the moment. However I will be getting the new Innisfree Real Skin CC cream from a friend soon, so I'll update and compare when I try that ♥

Anyway, I was browsing through WISHTrend and came across a couple of other items of interest:
A rotating, vibrating facial cleaner that's kind of like a Clarisonic Mia. And it's pink! 
The bristles look really soft and finer than that of the Clarisonia Mia, 
and it comes with two power settings, low and high.
Looks awesome doesn't it! Definitely want to try ♥

Skin79 BB Facer 
A vibrating puff  to help spread foundation on more evenly. 
Hanskin has one of these too, saw it when I was in Seoul last year!
Worth a try as well~ (^^)

O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum
A serum containing 20% pure Vitamin C,
it first started selling at Shinsegae (department store in Korea),
and sold so well that it's commonly just called "신세계 빨간병", or "Shinsegae red bottle".

Ciracle Pimple Solution CC Powder
(Ciracle = Ciramisu + miracle? Hahaha, just kidding!)
A concealer + treatment to cover up blemishes whist treating them.
A mixture of liquid + powder, looks promising~

If you live in Singapore, WISHTrend also has a Qoo10/Gmarket shop to cater to Singaporeans. They've narrowed the selection to their more popular items, so not everything on the WISHTrend website will be there. But they often have promotions and special deals, so the prices come up less than the main site prices.

Check out their Facebook pages for your region:


  1. Congratulations!
    Fantastics brands!
    I'm jelly of you :P
    I'm so interesting about 3D Spin Cleaner
    When you review it
    I can think buy it hahaha
    Thanks for the information!!!

    1. Thanks :) Yeah I'll definitely review it if I get it!

  2. Thanks for the heads up =] CC creams are still new to me, haven't tried any either, though it sounds great for lazy days hehhh =]
    Korean friends have recommended me the red bottle though, not bad and it's just about 15,000won hehh!
    The 3D Spin Cleaner looks interesting, would love to see a review if you end up buying it!! Korea has so many new things nowadays...

    1. CC creams are still new to me too^^ I still love my BB creams so I'm satisfied :D
      I'd definitely do a review if I end up getting it ♥
      Yeah, not just Korea, there are so many new things coming out^^

  3. Kyaaahhh~~~ So many brands I never knew of before!
    Wanta try CC cream soon, keep seeing it at many Korean shops...
    3D Spin Cleaner so pweeeety~ kekeke Ciracle~

    1. So many I never knew of too^^
      Let me know your experience if you try one! ♥

  4. Thank you for the review! CC creams kind of remind me of tinted moisturizers the way you described it but with skin care benefits. Considering its getting really hot here, I might switch over to CC cream and use a good concealer because I have really oily skin and anything heavy on my face makes me feel gross :( Thanks again!

    1. You're welcome :) I have combination skin and don't like my face feeling heavy in the humid weather either. Still on the hunt to find the perfect item!

  5. Bought the CC cream too from wishtrend, but unfortunately it doesn't do well with my skin and I got breakout. I did used Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB cream before and no acne showing up. Maybe the CC cream too rich for my face (my skin type is combo+oily).. have to stick to that BB cream for now since its really makes my face smooth like no makeup on.

    1. The ElishaCoy CC cream is kinda on the oily side, so it's not the best for oily-combination skin. I have normal-combination skin, but find that this is alright in air-conditioned environments, though it definitely melts in the humid weather! >< I didn't really like the Always Nuddy BB cream, was to gray for me^^

  6. hello :) lovely products ^.^ I'm ginger so I have so pale skin and most bb and cc creams so dark for me :( What should I do :( Please help me :(((

    my blog

    kisses xXx