Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Too Cool For School Blending BB Series

A little overdue, but here's a mini review/introduction to Too Cool For School's Blending BB Series. Part of my Too Cool For School haul from Seoul last year, I've previously introduced the Too Cool For School lip products, and now it's onto this wonderful Blending BB Series! Their BB cream is one of my absolute favorites! 

The three items in the Blending BB Series: Mineral Jinju Ball Blending Powder, Blending Cake BB and Blending Cream BB. Too Cool For School also has other BB creams, but my friend recommended the Blending Cream BB, so I tried hers and loved it, and ended up buying rest in the series. (By the way, Too Cool for School sticks a yellow sticker saying "all mine!" at the counter when you buy it, it's like their "Paid" sticker, so cute! ^^)

Too Cool For School Blending Cream BB
This is one of my absolute favorite buys from Too Cool For School. It looks cute in the bottle, with alternating swirls of essence and cream~  ♬ The scent is really pleasant, kind of floral but not sweet. Perhaps due to the almond oil and macadamia oil? The BB cream also contains aloe vera to sooth the skin.

This gives a wonderful dewy, glowing finish. The only downside is that it has no SPF, so you definitely need to use sunscreen under this. Other than that, it's really amazing! I used it everyday for about 6 months...see the difference in amount of product! I'll be finishing soon...  (*´д`*)

The tube comes with a handy, hygienic pump, and on the swatch I believe you can tell which half has the blended BB cream on! The finish is really natural, giving a brightening effect; the coverage is light-medium, but enough to cover redness. The Blending Cream BB comes in 2 colors, #21 Light Beige and #23 Natural Beige, and costs 20,000won.

Too Cool For School Blending Cake BB
Haven't used this yet, though I'm planning to move onto it after I finish the Blending Cream BB. It's basically a cream pact version of the cream, and the pact has a unique twist-lock cover as opposed to regular snap-lock ones. Comes with a puff that sits on an attached inner cover that closes over the cream. Hygienic and convenient!

The BB contains mango seed butter, shea butter and argan oil to keep skin moist. And the outer casing of the pact has a cute graphic of a girl~ The Blending Cake BB comes in 2 colors, #21 Light Beige and #23 Natural Beige, and costs 20,000won.

 Too Cool For School Mineral Jinju Ball Blending Powder
"Jinju" means "pearl", and this product is kind of like Guerlain Meteorites, but skin-toned. For use after the BB cream, it has slight shimmers to further give a glowing look. Each ball is made up of a mix of two colors (see the ones at bottom of the jar, the ones on top are overexposed!). The balls contain pearl powder for highlighting, and avocado extract for moisturizing the skin.

Too Cool For School is an amazing brand, and I adore the quirky adorable packaging they have for their products, their store concept/layout and their fun products! Their Twin Color Eye Crayons are another favorite of mine! If you're ever in Seoul, you should definitely check it out~ They have two stores in Myeongdong, one in Ehwa, one in Insadong, one in Sinsa...and those are just the ones I visited^^ Plus they're very generous with their samples, and the staff are really friendly.


  1. the packagings are really cool, I really want to try Too CoolFor School products

    1. Packaging was what really made me notice the brand^^

  2. The product designs look so fun and awesome! =]
    Friends highly recommend this brand, but I've yet to try it... =[

    1. Yeah, my friend recommended it to me too~ :D

  3. the packagings are really cute, i want try this brand^^

  4. Mad love this brand~~~
    Stuffs are awesome!

  5. I ever visit Kore and bought Too Cool for School Mineral Jinju Ball Blending Powder.
    and i love it. Could you pls tell me how i can buy the product?