Saturday, April 20, 2013

Majolica Majorca Moonlight Virgin ★ Summer 2013

Majolica Majorca's summer 2013 release, "Moonlight Virgin". 

The collection's theme takes inspiration from the beauty of the swan, like in "Swan Lake". 

Everything in the collection is limited edition, with white and lovely blue summer hues! I look forward to summer each year, because aqua/turquoise is one of my favorite colors. I have way too much turquoise clothes and accessories. Anyway, the four main make up items start selling tomorrow in Japan~

The star of the collection: The Little Humming Book II, the second "book" palette in their series celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Like the Little Humming Book I, it features one cream base, two powder shadows and a lip gloss. The cream base is a creamy brown called "Earth Land". The two powder shadows are sky blue "Water Mirror", and ivory "Night Dress". The gloss is a muted coral called "Swan Bill". Retails for 1575yen with tax.

Shiny Ray Liner, can function as an eyeliner or lip liner, and the feather is adorable! 1365yen with tax. For the eyes, it can be used on the inner corners, water line or right below the iris to make the eyes look bigger. For the lips, it can be used on top of the cupid's bow or below the lower lip to give the illusion of bigger lips. I love pencil eyeliners like these, finishing my Dolly Wink one soon, will try this when it gets released in Singapore!

Majolica Majorca is well-known for its mascaras, which are really smudge-proof, sweat-proof and water-proof. Sometimes they release limited edition colors like blue and red! This time it's brown~ Great for natural looking lashes. Lash Expander Edge Meister in a limited edition brown, BR666, 1260yen with tax. 

Shiny Highlight, can be a face color or eyeshadow. 997yen with tax.
Like the Cream de Cheek blushes released last year, this comes in a little glass bottle that makes it look like nail polish! In a liquid form, you dab it little and spread to blend.

Aqua Fizz Shower, a hair and body lotion, will be released on May 21st, retailing at 997yen with tax. A spray containing raspberry extract, it gives moisture to the hair and skin.  It has the same sweet and romantic smell of the "Majoromanticora" fragrance.

Picture credits to their mixi page. Majolica Majorca has always been one of my favorite drugstore brands, I love how they release their collections in "Chapters", each with a different theme. And they were using the same image model for so many years, so it was quite amazing to see how one person can change their look with each chapter released. Plus, they're friendly on the pockets and are of great quality (made by Shiseido). Majomajo was one of the first make-up brands I really got into, when I was 16! Back then it wasn't available in Singapore, so I got it from yahoo auctions and random blog sellers. This year is their 10th anniversary~ ♥♡ Hope they'll be around in another 10 years!


  1. Feather pencil looks cute! =]
    Seems like there are a lot of highlighting items...
    I liked the old image model more! =[

    1. I guess in summer people go tanning so highlighting products would go great with that~
      The previous image model was their model for over 5 years, but the target age group of Majomajo still remains the same...^^

  2. When I saw the feather pencil, I thought it was just a 'free pen gift'. I was super glad to read that it's actually an eyeliner!! I'll totally try to get my hands on them! They're the cutest eyeliner ever!

    1. Yeah it's super cute~! Jill Stuart had pencil eyeliners with a feather too a while ago, but soooo much more expensive ^^

  3. Majolica collections are always so pweeeety~~
    The feather pencil looks so cute!!!