Wednesday, April 10, 2013

109 brands in Osaka

Other than having lots of great food, Osaka is also a great place to shop~ Good news for people who aren't visiting Tokyo when they visit Kansai is that lots of the Shibuya 109 brands can also be found in Osaka! But because they can be quite pricey, the best two times of they year to buy stuff from 109 stores are winter and summer. Winter for fukubukuros which are crazy cheap for the amount of items you get, though you won't know what items you'll end up getting. Good news is that most brands are free-size, so usually the dresses/skirts are stretchy. During summer, they have sales~ Most of these were taken at HEP 5, Shinsaibashi or Shibuya 109 Abeno.

 Laguna Moon
Lots of lovely, feminine clothes.

one way~
One of my favorite 109 stores! I bought a dress from here that I really, really like, it's a high-low floral dress that I wear a lot...My friends comment they always see me in this whenever I post photos (-.-)

 It's this dress!
The top part is a stretchy black polyester blend with slight sparkles. The floral part is chiffon, and has a flap in front.It's nice when the wind blows~ It actually also came with a white crochet top, but I usually don't wear them together.

 Some accessories in one way, they started venturing into eyelashes too.

 Everyone's favorite, Liz Lisa
I went crazy and kept going back for Liz Lisa, because when I was there they just happened to have 50% off everything if you get 2 items or more...I went back 3 days in a row^^ To different stores! I visited the stores in Tennoji MIO and HEP 5 in Osaka, and Kyoto Avanti in Kyoto.

Liz Lisa cosmetics

 One of my favorites, Egoist!
Good news is that they have a Rakuten store that ships overseas.

 Lip Service
Lip Service has tons of pretty clothes too, and their style is something I could go with.

 Pink Latte
Pink Latte is targeted more towards younger teens, though they have a lot of cute pink things, hair accessories and amazing pa nail goods sets at only 500yen! The sets are super worth it, because one pa nail polish alone costs 500yen, and the set usually has 3 polishes, 1 flat sticker sheet, 1 special sticker sheet and 4 vials of glitter.

L.Chance, selling mostly accessories.
Pretty accessories! The store is quite huge, and they have a large assortment of accessories for hair, head, arms, neck, ears, belts...check it out if you ever see it!

 SBY, I've posted about the Shibuya 109/Harajuku stores here.
Frequently frequented by magazine models, this is a great store to get...lashes!

Diamond Lash is sold exclusively at only SBY and Donki.
They even put a ranking on which are the bestselling styles for each eyelash series.

They have a very large corner dedicated to Diamond Beauty, and there are still other walls/revolving stands that hold more Diamond Beauty lashes~ Definitely one of their bestsellers.

 New blush packaging.
When I was there the mascara and eyeliner wasn't out yet :(

 Esperanza, which sells shoes!
It's always featured in magazines, and their shoes are always so nice!
And though some of them look impossibly high, they're actually really comfortable.

Another pretty, girly brand! ♥

Flag J, another shoe store.
It's also regularly featured in gyaru magazines.

 Cecil McBee, also very popular.



 Don't know the name but their clothes were cute!


 Ank Rouge

 Glad News
A rock/punk brand that's also hugely popular.




 All-red Ferris wheel atop HEP 5.


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    1. Yeah...miss shops in Japan, the staff are always so well-dressed and polite! ♪( ´▽`)”

  2. Awesome! Nice picures :)

  3. Now I miss summer...can't wait for it to come! =]

    1. I'm looking forward to summer for the colors and clothes, but the weather here is always summer T___T

  4. wow, thi stopi is really usefull, arigato^^!! in June i'll go in Japna for 2 week, so i really want know the shop where i can find gyaru items^^

    I like your' blog, i'm new folloew from now^^!

    1. Glad you found it useful :) Enjoy your trip to Japan!

      If you're looking for gyaru makeup you can try Donkihote, they have stores in most major cities :)

      If you're looking for gyaru shops in Tokyo, other than Shibuya 109 there's a gyaru mall called aBaB in Ueno or Studio ALTA mall in Shinjuku :)

  5. Karisa, the brand that you don't know the name is Heather! It's available in Singapore as well, together in one shop with Lowrys Farm!

    1. Ooh thanks~! I was took lots of pics of stores and clothes, if there's no store name visible in the pic I'd probably forgot which shop it came from too hehehe